Onyx Boox Nova Pro Now Available to Pre-Order From Onyx

Onyx Boox Nova Pro

Today Onyx started accepting pre-orders for the upcoming 7.8-inch Onyx Boox Nova Pro.

They are selling it for $319 from the newly-launched Boox Shop, which is currently for customers in the USA only.

Unfortunately the Nova Pro isn’t available from Onyx’s Amazon store just yet, but it should show up there once it’s in stock (they don’t usually do the pre-order thing at Amazon for some reason).

Onyx just started this new web store but I don’t see why anyone would want to order from there instead of from Amazon with their fast shipping and easy returns unless you want to be first in line to get the new Nova Pro.

Unfortunately they don’t list a release date for the pre-order but under the shipping section it states that pre-orders will ship within 30 days, and shipping is estimated at 7-15 business days so apparently they’re shipping it directly from China.

The Nova Pro has a 7.8-inch E Ink Carta screen with 300 ppi. It has a frontlight with cool and warm colors, and it has a dual touch screen that supports capacitive touch and it comes with a Wacom stylus for writing on the screen.

It has a quad-core 1.6GHz processor with 32GB of internal storage space and 2GB of RAM. It has a USB-C port, Wi-Fi, and it supports Bluetooth 4.1.

It runs Android 6.0 and has the ability to install 3rd party apps, and like Onyx’s other models it does have the option to use Google Play, though it may take a bit of work to get it running.

Here’s a link to an earlier video with a brief demo showing the Nova Pro in action. I plan on reviewing the Nova Pro and the larger Note Pro once they get released so stay tuned for more details.

11 Responses to “Onyx Boox Nova Pro Now Available to Pre-Order From Onyx”

  1. I am sure that there are many readers who use devices and who like to make notes and highlights in their books, and then save them for future use. But reviewers *never* mention this important aspect of ereader software. Please include this info in your reviews when you get around to reviewing these new machines. Kindle is the leader I think and Google Play a good runner-up. Kobo is awful in my experience so I won’t buy one again. With new, nippier machines coming on the market this year it is increasingly important that reviewers cover these features so that a potential customer can make an informed choice.


    • In the past Onyx Boox has done this very well. My n96ml makes a new file for annotations and notes. It loads whenever I open the book. It can also be opened on its own and edited or reviewed.

      For comparison Kindle does this too, but jams the notes and annotations from all books into one file and that file cant be read on the Kindle, it takes a computer.

    • This is also important for me. I will be moving to a position requiring reading many detailed documents. An ereader with good PDF note and highlight support will be extremely helpful.

  2. $320 does not seem that close to $280.

    Likebook Muses vs Nova Pro, who will win my wallet?

    • I think it was a mistake pricing them above $299, but they’ll probably drop them to that after a couple months. In fact the Muses is already listed at $299 at Banggood as a pre-order. I decided to order a Muses from Amazon so I’ll post a comparison review between the two.

      • Hi Nathan, finally which one you prefer ? Muses or nova pro ? And why 🙂

        • Onyx just released a new 2.1 update that changes things quite a bit so it’s taking longer to post the review than expected. For the most part Onyx’s software is superior to the Likebook’s. They are both very similar but Onyx’s software is more refined and there are more features and there’s more attention to details. However, the screen on the Muses looks clearer and sharper without the added glass layer, the touchscreen responsiveness is better too, and I like how the frontlight and white frame kind of blend together. If the ebook app on the Muses respected conventional standards it would be a close call but overall I’ve got to give the win to Onyx on this one. I’ll get a video comparison review posted soon.

  3. I purchased the Likebook Muses, so far it has been a disappointment, as I bought it with the intention to have all my libraries in one unit. I can’t do that because, even though, one of the features in their sales marketing is that it has Google play store, It doesn’t. It doesn’t have OTG either. As of today they haven’t pushed the promised firmware update. Great as a paperweight. Still waiting for the Nova Pro.

    • I have the Mars since 3 months now, and it had Google play from the beginning, although I had to “activate” it. Are you sure you had follow the steps to do that in the right way?

  4. Hi everybody.
    I have three questions please:

    1 – Is the screen totally smooth like an iPad? Or it’s like the RemarKable which tries to simulate the paper sensation?

    2 – Do you know if it’s possible to try the tablet?

    3 – Is someone tried the RemarKable and the nova pro and can compare it?

    Thank you 🙂