Sony Digital Paper PDF Readers on Sale for $100 off

Sony Digital Paper Sale

Sony is currently running a sale on their Digital Paper devices, including the 13.3-inch Sony DPT-RP1, both white and black versions, and the 10.3-inch Sony DPT-CP1.

The sale price of the Sony DPT-CP1 is $499 and the sale price of the Sony DPT-RP1 is $599. Both are on sale at Amazon and other authorized resellers like Adorama and B&H.

Every once in awhile Sony does these $100 off deals; at least they don’t mess around with minor $20 off sales like some companies.

They’re still pricey but large screen ereaders cost a lot these days, especially the Onyx Max2 Pro that sells for $849.

Sony’s Digital Paper devices have exceptional hardware but the software is rather basic. They are PDF ereaders and digital notepads only; they don’t support any other formats and they cannot connect to the internet, but they are more secure than other devices.

See my Sony DPT-CP1 review from last summer for a complete list of features and to see the device in action. Both models run the same exact software, and Sony recently updated their mobile apps to make transferring content easier.

Sony Digital Paper Sale

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