Kindle Voyage Clearance Sale at Woot – Starting at $89

Kindle Voyage

Last week I posted about some deals on refurbished and scratch and dent Kindles at Woot, and now they’ve added some additional deals on the Kindle Voyage.

Considering the Kindle Voyage has sharper, clearer text with better contrast than any of the current Kindles, and the fact that Amazon has yet to replace it with another premium 6-inch model, it’s still a worthy alternative to the newer Kindles.

The Kindle Voyage has a 6-inch 300 ppi E Ink screen like the Kindle Paperwhite.

But unlike the Paperwhite it adds page press sensors with haptic feedback to turn pages, and it has a nicer higher-end design with a glass front screen instead of plastic.

It’s not waterproof like the new Paperwhite and it lacks Bluetooth for audiobooks, but the reading features are virtually identical to the newer models, minus the option to read with white text on a black background.

The refurbished units are selling for the same price as the new entry-level Kindle, and there’s no question the Voyage is a nicer device with the higher resolution screen, the premium design, and page sensors.

Kindle Voyage – $129 (new)

Kindle Voyage – $114 (open box)

Kindle Voyage – $89 (refurbished)

10 Responses to “Kindle Voyage Clearance Sale at Woot – Starting at $89”

  1. I’ve used the voyage almost exclusively since it came out. The only time I use a fire for reading is when I’m reading books borrowed through Hoopla. Since it’s an app I can’t read the books on an ereader. I love it. I don’t read in the tub and don’t read on a beach, so i don’t care if it’s waterproof. It’s comfortable and easily fits into even a small purse. I read a few hundred books a year, so it gets a workout.

  2. I can hold my Voyage one-handed and turn pages with the buttons while munching popcorn & Cheetos!

    • Tongue in cheek
      . . . Questioned the validity of your review but realized it was flawless . . . The popcorn and Cheetos was a solid confirmation

      Hmmm, buttered?

      Seriously, thanks as moving from the app to the product

      Jamaica, BWI

  3. Also you can find a very good deal on Amazon for the used Wi-Fi units labeled as in a Very Good Condition and sells for $104. The thing is that all Voyages sold at Woot are 3G version which doesn’t even work in the US. I bought a “Wi-Fi” refurbished Voyage on Woot the other day, and it is a 3G version!

    • I’m so glad you said that! I bought one and had to return it because it wouldn’t work in the United States. Very disappointing and I think it’s deceptive not to explain that when they’re advertising in the U.S.

  4. Can I purchase refurbished one?