New Wacom Stylus Released for Remarkable Tablet

Remarkable Marker Signature

Last week the folks at Remarkable released a new black anodized aluminium stylus for the Remarkable Paper tablet.

The new stylus is called the Marker Signature, and it’s available from the Remarkable store for $99.

It seems pricey but considering the fact they sell the original white plastic stylus for $79, a $20 increase for a nicer anodized aluminium pen isn’t a big jump.

The Remarkable has a Wacom touchscreen like Onyx’s ereaders and a number of other E Ink notepads, so this new stylus would work with those devices as well.

The only problem with the Remarkable pens is they lack an eraser function, including this new one. It has a clicker but not an eraser. That seems like an odd choice.

It comes with three extra marker tips and it has a pen clip like a real pen. The clicker can be unscrewed to store extra tips.

It’s surprising to see Remarkable come out with a new stylus before coming out with a 2nd gen tablet—perhaps this is the first sign a new black Remarkable is on the way (why else would they replace the white stylus with a black one?). Specs-wise the Remarkable has fallen well behind the competition so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a new model come out later this year.

via: Remarkable Blog

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