Now’s the Best Time to Trade-in an Old Kindle for the Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

With the 7-inch Kindle Oasis 2 on sale this week starting at $199 for the 8GB model with Special Offers, now is the best time to take advantage of Amazon’s Kindle trade-in service.

The trade-in deal takes an additional 25% off the sale price of the Kindle Oasis, plus you can apply the value of the trade-in towards the purchase as well.

So that takes the price of the 8GB Kindle Oasis down to $150, minus the trade-in credit.

The older entry-level Kindles have a $15 trade-in value and the Kindle Paperwhites are $25.

Even if your old Kindle is broken Amazon will give you $5 for it, along with the 25% discount on a new Kindle.

If you trade a 1st gen Kindle Paperwhite that means you can get a new Kindle Oasis for $125, and if you’re trading an old entry-level model it’s $135. That’s a really good deal for a Kindle Oasis that normally sells for $249.

Amazon almost never puts the Kindle Oasis on sale so if you’re thinking about upgrading to the 2nd gen 7-inch Kindle Oasis now is the best time.

Check my Kindle Oasis 2 review for a list of pros and cons and to watch a video of Amazon’s premium Kindle in action.

4 Responses to “Now’s the Best Time to Trade-in an Old Kindle for the Kindle Oasis”

  1. This is no doubt due to weak sales and weak demand and a grossly overpriced device. Funny how the larger and reasonably priced Glowlight plus with comfort light and same 8gb storage is released and a week later Amazon “finally” wants to discount the oasis. Even at $199 I still think the Oasis is grossly overpriced. The fact is the oasis is inferior to the Voyage in many ways. The clarity and sharpness just isn’t there on the Oasis. Sure it might have a better and brighter light but the clarity pales in comparison to the voyage or even paperwhite 3, not to mention the funky, cold and slick design. It feels like you’re reading on the tablet and not an e-ink device. I don’t understand how less capable companies are releasing better e-readers with larger models with comfort light while Amazon just sits back with their hands in their pockets.

    • Amazon can get away with it because to the general public, every e-ink device is a “Kindle”. There is so little real competition for Amazon that they can do as little as they like. Readers of this site know about Kobo and Nook and Onyx Boox, but mention one of these devices to the general public and you will get a blank stare and a “huh?”.

      • Considering the recent release of the glowlight and the popularity and demand, it’s no surprise that Amazon would slash the prices of the Oasis significantly. I would suspect these to be the new prices from here on out. $229 for 32gb and $199 for 8gb.

  2. I disagree, a lot of people know about the Nook which is why sales of the new Glowlight plus are through the roof and killing Kindle demand. Which is precisely why Kindles constantly go on sale. The problem with Barnes and Noble is that they disgustingly incompetent and could care less about making money, but the people know, they’re not stupid. Perhaps the general public doesn’t know about onyx and bookeen etc but they know Nook. On the other end, you’re absolutely right, Amazon could care less just as much as Barnes and Noble. All they do is react to trends and put out fires. Which is precisely why I believe they’ll react to the trend now that the most commercial company in the US has released a larger E-reader. I can imagine a 7.8 inch Kindle released in the fall. I just hope it’s not as disgusting and pathetic and atrociously overpriced as the garbage Oasis. Also, I hope that with this new release they will FINALLY update their software and actually fixed their broken font sizes margins and line spacing options which are the worst in the Industry.