Naruto eOneBook Dual-Screen E Ink Manga Reader on Kickstarter (Video)

Naruto eOneBook

The eOneBook is one of the most unique E Ink devices ever created. It’s designed specifically for reading manga.

It has two 7.8-inch E Ink screens and a book-like design. In fact it looks just like a hardcover book when closed, complete with a dust jacket.

The eOneBook first came out over a year ago in some parts of the world, originally with the Fist of the North Star manga series.

Now they are accepting orders for a Naruto version of the eOneBook on Kickstarter.

They’ve already surpassed their funding goal, and there’s still 32 days left to go.

At nearly $500 USD shipped, it’s pretty pricey but obviously that includes the price of the entire Naruto series as well, which spans 72 volumes.

They also added an SD card slot to this model but the device only supports other eOneBook titles, not other manga formats, so the selection is fairly limited.

The eOneNote has no wireless connectivity and it’s powered by AAA batteries. It has page buttons on both sides, no touchscreen.

Naruto eOneBook

Naruto eOneBook Video

3 Responses to “Naruto eOneBook Dual-Screen E Ink Manga Reader on Kickstarter (Video)”

  1. Have you played around with one or heard how they operate out in the wild? I was curious when I heard about them last time and still am, but this is a lot of money for what is essentially a signal use device whose content is locked.

    • No, I haven’t. It looks interesting but it’s too niche to review. The price really isn’t that bad considering how much the complete Naruto series sells for in paper form.

    • Here is a video to explain all about it. It uses no signal, and no wifi. It is perfect for reading manga