Kobo Glo HD Gets Page Buttons with This Mod (Video)

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I recently came across an interesting post where someone took a Kobo Glo HD, which was discontinued three years ago but would still be relevant on the market today, and added page turn buttons to it with a relatively simple mod.

The full outline and directions can be found here.

It goes to show that some people, myself included, prefer having page buttons on ebook readers.

Basically the hack takes advantage of the Kobo Glo HD’s infrared touchscreen to trigger page turns using buttons.

Because of Kobo’s open software, people have come up with all kinds of interesting hacks and mods for Kobo ereaders, like turning them into navigation devices for hang gliders and paragliders.

Aside from the very first Kobo ereaders that didn’t have touchscreens, the Kobo Forma is the only Kobo device to come with page buttons for turning pages, and it costs $279. For those with some technical skills there is a way to get page buttons on some of Kobo’s older (and cheaper) models too, at least the ones with infrared touchscreens.

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Kobo Glo HD Button Mod Video

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