10.3″ Onyx Boox Note Pro Now $50 Off

Note Pro

I don’t know if it’s permanent or if it’s a limited time deal, but the 10.3-inch Onyx Note Pro is currently selling for $50 less on Amazon than it used to sell for.

The Note Pro has been listed at $599 since it was released earlier this year. Now it’s priced at $549 with free shipping.

That’s still expensive but it is the best 10.3-inch ereader and digital notepad on the current market.

Last month Onyx had it marked down to $549 during the Prime Day shopping-fest.

Maybe they sold more at the lower price and they’re trying it again.

Onyx has a tendency to lower the prices of their devices over time so it wouldn’t be surprising if the $50 price drop is permanent.

The original Onyx Note started at $549, then it dropped to $499, and now they’ve been selling it for $399 recently. Hopefully the lower price trend continues with the Note Pro as well.

Perhaps they’ll drop the price of the Nova Pro soon too. It hasn’t budged from the $319 price since it was released. $299 sounds a lot better.

Onyx Boox Note Pro

4 Responses to “10.3″ Onyx Boox Note Pro Now $50 Off”

  1. Probably because the alita likebook is for sale for 489.59.

    • Except that’s just the introductory price on Aliexpress. The regular price is $543.99, and Onyx’s software is vastly superior at this point, so they better keep the introductory price if they want to stand a chance.

  2. Don’t you hate it when that happens a week after you bought something?

    But not to complain, just got my Nova Pro, and love it.

    • Yes same, there was a lot of setup to figure out but it is working great.

      Thanks for this website! Would have ended up with Kindle that wouldn’t have the same utility.