Onyx Boox Max3 Now Available on Amazon (Video)

Onyx Max3

Last week Onyx announced the release of a new 13.3-inch ereader, notepad, and E Ink monitor called Onyx Boox Max3.

The device is now listed on Amazon for $859 with free shipping and it can be delivered later this week.

The main upgrades with the Max3 model are a faster 2GHz octa-core processor and USB OTG support to connect external storage devices and things like keyboards.

A fingerprint sensor was added for improved security as well, and it supports 5GHz Wi-Fi now too.

They also updated the Android operating system to version 9.0, but that update should be coming to the older Max2 model as well, according to Onyx.

The Max3 also features a new streamlined design with a flush front screen, which is plastic-based so it’s more durable and it supposedly adds more of a paperlike feel when writing with the included Wacom stylus.

Like earlier Max models, it has a 13.3-inch E Ink screen with a resolution of 2200 x 1650, which equates to 207 ppi. It does not have a frontlight.

Below is a video showing the Max3 along with some of the new software features.

Onyx Boox Max3

Onyx Boox Max3 Video Preview

13 Responses to “Onyx Boox Max3 Now Available on Amazon (Video)”

  1. Can you possibly use Notability on the device?

  2. Can it be used as a screen when connected to a laptop ?

  3. Nathan, if you were to buy a larger ereader tomorrow (larger than 8 inch screen), which would you buy?

    Recently picked up a Kobo Forma and love the larger screen. Thinking I’d like an ereader with an even larger screen but not sure which one to get.

  4. Hi Nathan ,
    You said “The device is now listed on amazon”. But when I click this link ,it takes me to amazon.com website but there is no max3 listed.

  5. On pre-sale at Ali express
    US $899.99 Ereader + Cover case + Screen saver
    US $859.99 Ereader + Screen saver (without cover case)
    Color: White (only)
    Android 9,0, OTG, Plug and Play for conect mouse or keyboard, As secundary monitor, Qualcomm octa-core 2GHz, Wi-Fi 5GHz
    207 ppi
    Link for more information:

    RAM 4. Intrnal 64 GB.

  6. What is the refresh rate compared to the Max 2 Pro? I am interested in using this as a monitor. On the Max 2 Pro the mouse lags considerably. How is this with the Max 3?