How to Use Inverted Text Mode on Kobo eReaders the New Easy Way

Kobo Libra Inverted Mode

The night mode hack has been one of the more popular mods for Kobo’s ebook readers to read with white text on a black background, as some call inverted text mode.

The older methods to get inverted mode to work kept getting broken with firmware updates, but nowadays there’s a much easier way to use inverted mode on Kobo ereaders.

I saw this mentioned in the old night mode thread at MobileRead so I tried it out with the new Kobo Libra and it indeed works.

Somewhere along the line Kobo’s developers added the option to invert the screen in a hidden developers settings menu, so all you have to do is enable developer settings and then you can easily toggle inverted mode on and off from there.

How to Enable Developer Settings

To view the hidden developer settings menu, all you have to do is type devmodeon into your Kobo device’s search bar.

Then go to Settings > Device information > Developer options > View.

From there you can access a bunch of hidden settings, including inverted mode to get white text on a black background. Simply check the box and back out of the menu and inverted mode will be enabled.

You probably don’t want to mess with the other settings unless you know what you’re doing, but what’s the worse that can happen? Alternately you can turn developer options off by typing devmodeoff in the search bar.

18 Responses to “How to Use Inverted Text Mode on Kobo eReaders the New Easy Way”

  1. I wonder why Kobo would hide this instead of advertising it as a feature. There are people who don’t buy Kobo’s because it doesn’t have this function that apparently is built in. That makes no sense.

    Regardless, thanks for sharing.

  2. Working perfectly in a Kobo Aura H2O 1st-gen
    It is a must to try, and use if you prefer to.
    Thanks for sharing the tip!

  3. what a shock to learn that my Aura One has been able to invert text all along. It is indeed bizarre that Kobo doesn’t just put this option in the normal user interface. Thanks for the great tip!

  4. Thanks For This! One thing I preferred with my Oasis is an inverted option…What keeps Kobo from making this option easily accessible?? Looks great on my Forma.

  5. It’s hilarious that you all want this feature. 😂 The point of night mode is to stop a glaring pixelated screen. The Kobo is EINK!!! There is no glowing screen. You silly silly people.

    • Try before you troll

      • Well it’s better to read at night when your kobo is on night mode. Because I try reading at night even the 1% of the brightness, but still it’s a bit confomtrable. Now this is the start of better reading at night. Thank you for this one. Brainy people are so lucky. Try to widen your thoughts. Peace

    • You’re criticising other peoples personal choice. While you may be correct in the original motivation for night mode, its use is very much up to the individual. I don’t think they’re the silly ones.

  6. Try before you troll. It’s quite nice first thing in the morning. The eink screen is still white.

  7. This is really handy! Thanks for sharing this tip.

  8. Now how and can you get rid of the bright flash when the screen refreshes when you have the inverted screen activated?

  9. Working fine on Kobo Aura One.

  10. Does the frontlight automatically turn off before page refreshes?

  11. Tried it out. Great feature, but to anyone, do note that it inverts everything, book covers, and images in pdf files.

  12. I found the “Set Frontlight LED Manually” setting interesting. It gives four sliders …
    So you can set the color of the frontlight to anything you want. The range is even from 0 to 255, so you can look up the RGB value of any color and set it to get that color. Rather have the front light be amber instead of orange at night? Set R=255 and G=191.
    This is way too bright for me and it overrides the light settings on the standard interface so you have to go back to settings or put the reader in sleep mode to get out of it, but it is interesting to play with.
    Of course it will only work on a reader with a comfort light.

  13. You do not need the procedure explained here, it is much more simple. The new Software version 4.17.13694 simplifies everything.

    1.- SETTINGS
    2.- Device Information
    3.- Developer options
    4.- View
    5.- Drawing: mark Invert Screen ON.

    That,s all. You do not have to write anything at all or search.