Kobo Update 4.18 Released, Adds Dropbox Support to Kobo Forma

Kobo Dropbox

Kobo has been busy rolling out new software updates lately. After just releasing the 4.17 update with an updated user interface two weeks ago, they’ve since issued another minor update and now they’ve just released yet another update.

The new software version (for the next week, at least) is 4.18.13737 and it’s available for all Kobo models.

Based on user reports at MobileRead, it doesn’t sound like much has changed for most Kobo models since the last update.

The main change with the new 4.18 update appears to be the addition of Dropbox support to add ebooks and documents wirelessly, but so far that feature is exclusive to the Kobo Forma.

It’s unclear at this point if they plan to bring Dropbox support to other models in the future, but being able to wirelessly transfer ebooks and documents to a Kobo using Dropbox is a big plus so hopefully other Kobo models will get Dropbox support as well.

After updating the Kobo Forma to the new 4.18 software, you have to sync before the My Dropbox option will appear on the menu list.

The update files can be downloaded from this Kobo Firmware Downloads page.

Here’s the help page at Kobo with directions on how to use Dropbox to add ebooks to the Kobo Forma.

via: MobileRead

19 Responses to “Kobo Update 4.18 Released, Adds Dropbox Support to Kobo Forma”

  1. So far so good. It does not sync directly books but show you the list of what is available in your personal Rakuten Kobo Dropbox folder. You then click to manually download the book you want. Indeed, Kobo has been busy in the last month.

  2. Damn, I wish all (both) of their 7.8″ devices had DropBox access…

  3. Maybe on the firmware there’s a setting which detects which reader you have and activates the Dropbox option if it finds you have a forma.

  4. That’s a cool feature, I use the email to kindle all the time, I’m sure this will make a kobo more appealing

  5. I used the “beta feature” web browser to download from Dropbox to my Kobo manually (Aura and now Forma).

    It figures that a few months after I switch to Google Drive they add real Dropbox support!

  6. Hopefully in a few weeks they will update other models’ firmware for this upgrade. I’m surprised the newest Kobo, the Libra, wasn’t included yet.

  7. Here’s hoping they’ll consider adding support for Google Drive in the future.

  8. Kobos innovation amazes me more every single day. They really are trying.

  9. Has anyone else had changes to their reading settings today? Suddenly my book title is now at the bottom of the screen and page numbers at the top. The font size is now up the top along with setting & three dots. Any ideas?

  10. Software version 4.18.13737 adds something more important in my opinion: an incredible STABILITY if compared with 4.17., the software I used for a few days when I bought the excellent Libra H20. I did not tell Rakuten Kobo anything because I supposed they were nervous with the new launching and I knew they would solve the instability sooner than later. Congratulations, Rakuten Kobo Libra H20!; your e-reader is unbeatable now both in quality and price.

  11. This latest update appears to have wiped all my highlights from previously read books, which isn’t many (thankfully). Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    It is a real aggravation, as I was using my kobo for PhD research and suddenly all the passages I highlighted as relevant are now no longer highlighted and I’ll probably have to read the book again (obviously, this time not on my kobo).

  12. Where did the reading time estimates go at the bottom of the page? They were a big selling point for me over other readers.

    Am I just missing something?

    • You have to go to Reading settings > Reading progress. I changed Book progress to Time remaining. Think I preferred the old look, but at least it’s still there.

  13. After latest update 4.18 I am not able to connect my kobo hd to windows 10, anyone knows what can be done with it, I tried many cables and different laptops with no success

  14. I tried my cable and laptop with kobo aura, it works perfectly

  15. Anybody knows if using the kobo forma dropbox cloud is possible to sync sideloaded books highligts and anotations between the ereader and the kobo ios and android app?

  16. Still could not make my Kobo Glo HD work with computer connection problem, it is not recognised 🙁 sos…sos