New 10.3″ Likebook Alita Now Available on Amazon

Likebook Alita

Likebook’s latest ereader with a 10.3-inch E Ink screen and Wacom touchscreen has turned up for sale on Amazon.

Currently the Likebook Alita is available to pre-order for $529 with free shipping.

It gets released on October 19th so it’ll be available next week.

The Likebook Alita is about 95% the same as the Likebook Mimas that was released earlier this year around May.

The main difference is the Alita has a flush front screen and they doubled storage space and RAM to 32GB and 4GB.

It has the same Android 6.0 software and the same features as the Mimas, including a frontlight with adjustable color temperature and a microSD card slot, but they dropped the physical buttons.

The price is disappointing at $529; they should have priced it under $500. At that price it can’t compete with the Onyx Note Pro, which is only $20 more and virtually superior in every way.

I like Likebook’s user interface better than Onyx’s, but Onyx’s software is a lot more fleshed out and things just work better. See this Likebook Mimas vs Onyx Note Pro comparison review for a closer look.

Likebook Alita

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  1. Now Onyx has launched Note 2 and Note Pro is cheaper than Alita on Amazon.