Closer Look at New 10.3″ Pocketbook Inkpad X (Video)

pocketbook inkpad x

Earlier this month Pocketbook revealed a new soon-to-be-released ebook reader called the Pocketbook Inkpad X.

It has a 10.3-inch E Ink screen, and unlike similar-sized models, the Inkpad X is an ereader only, not a digital notepad with a Wacom touchscreen, so its main focus is reading.

The larger screen is advantageous for larger content like comics and manga, sheet music, PDFs, etc.

It also supports typical ebook formats like ePub, MOBI, FB2, etc.

A new YouTube video was recently uploaded showing the new Pocketbook Inkpad X in action at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

It’s a really nice-looking device. It has a unique design with angled edges at the bottom, and it has physical buttons below the screen, similar to earlier Inkpads. And thanks to the flexible Mobius screen it only weighs about 300 grams.

The Pocketbook Inkpad X has a frontlight with warm and cool color temperatures, along with 32GB of storage space and a USB-C port. It also has Bluetooth for audio and text-to-speech.

They say in the video it’ll be available in November for around €420.

Pocketbook Inkpad X Video

4 Responses to “Closer Look at New 10.3″ Pocketbook Inkpad X (Video)”

  1. Hello Nathan , I reveived the pocketbook inkpad x that I ordered yesterday. It’s really AWESOM , finally I’ve got an ereader that is as big as a hardcover book and has sharp fonts + a Nice frontlight.

  2. Hi There

    I am really interested in this device. But I would like to know how does this book deal with:

    1. Citation management software like Endnote / Zotero / mendelay. These are used to manage Academic Papers, one can also attache PDFs to the citations, download and open them with a PDF reader?

    2. After readers, like Pocket (Android App) here you send the URL to Pocket and it will then render the webpage (news, blog, etc) inside pocket?

    • Sorry but it’s not sold here so I can’t answer your questions. Perhaps someone else with chime in with some insight on Pocketbook’s current software.

  3. Been using my Inkpad X for a few days. It is very well designed – sleek, low weight and with a lovely screen, but there are some downsides:
    – No SD-card. 32GB is ok for most uses, but with a lot of graphics and audio, it is not enough. A bad move to remove that option that barely costs $1.
    – It is slow. Delays and excessive redrawing is very noticeable in menus and in the library. Should have more CPU power or a better software design