10.3″ Boox Note2 with Android 9 and Octa-Core CPU Now Available on Amazon

Onyx Note2

Last week Onyx released their latest 10.3-inch ereader and digital notepad, the Boox Note2, and they started taking orders for it from their website.

Now the Onyx Boox Note2 is also available to purchase from Onyx’s Amazon store.

It’s selling for $549 plus $30 for shipping.

Shipping is usually free so I’d wait a few days for Amazon’s warehouses to get some in stock.

The Boox Note2 is 90% the same as the Onyx Note Pro that was released earlier in the year; the overall design is exactly the same and the software will be the same once Onyx releases the Android 9 update for the Note Pro.

The Note2 adds a fingerprint sensor, USB OTG support, 5GHz WiFi support, and it has a 2.0GHz octa-core processor instead of the 1.6GHz quad-core processor that came on earlier models.

The OTG support allows for connecting things memory cards, keyboards, mice, and other tools using an adapter.

The Note2 has a 10.3-inch E Ink Mobuis screen and it has a frontlight with adjustable color temperature. It has both a capacitive touchscreen and a Wacom touchscreen.

If you want to see what the upgraded Android 9 software looks like, check out the Onyx Max3 review. The one difference is the Max is the only model with monitor support.

Onyx Boox Note2

10 Responses to “10.3″ Boox Note2 with Android 9 and Octa-Core CPU Now Available on Amazon”

  1. When is Android 9 coming for the Onix Note Pro?

  2. It seems that no shipping fee now.

  3. BOOX Note Pro gone on amazon… but a $449 bundle deal on the BOOX site… includes cover + a couple little things. No tax or shipping.

  4. Act fast on the BOOX site, get a $500 gift e-card for $450. You can buy a Note Pro bundle and have $50 left over.

  5. Really you think 4 more cores and faster CPU won’t make much responsiveness difference? Maybe you have to test it.

    • Why would an ebook reader and notepad need 8 cores? It’s not a complex machine. I did decide to get the Note2 though so I’ll post a comparison this week. So far there doesn’t seem to be much of a speed difference at all. Sometimes the Note2 is slightly faster, sometimes the Note Pro is faster. But I still need to test more types of content.

  6. Did you notice whether Max 3 is faster than Mac 2? It would be s clue