Kids Kindle Now Supports Audiobooks After Latest Update


Amazon has issued a software update for the new Kindle Kids Edition that was released back in October.

The update adds support for Audible audiobooks as part of a Freetime Unlimited subscription. Parents can now also add Audible audiobooks from their library to a child’s profile.

Listening to audiobooks on Kindles requires using Bluetooth speakers or headphones as the Kindle does not have built-in speakers or a headphone jack.

The new firmware version is

Unlike all other Kindle models that have been released up to this point, the Kids Kindle can only be updated wirelessly.

There is no manual update option and there is no file to download from the Kindle software updates page; it just says not to install the 10th gen Kindle update.

If you leave Wi-Fi on it will usually update while charging. The update is automatic; it cannot be requested or denied.

While the update situation is different on the Kids Kindle, perhaps it means they’ll add some unique features to it to further differentiate it from a regular 10th gen Kindle. They could improve the user interface some and add some more kid-specific reading features.

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