Do You Like the Warm Frontlight on New Kindle Oasis?


When Amazon released the 3rd generation Kindle Oasis in July 2019, it was the first Kindle to get the option to use a warm or cool frontlight.

Kobo started the warm frontlight feature with the release of the Kobo Aura One in 2016. Since then just about every new ebook reader released has a frontlight with adjustable color temperature.

Amazon was the last remaining holdout, and the lower end Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite still both lack the warm frontlight feature.

The Kindle Oasis is still the only Kindle with a warm light and people have to pay a premium to get it, with the Oasis costing nearly twice as much as the Kindle Paperwhite.

Here’s what the warm frontlight looks like on the Kindle Oasis 3 compared to the Oasis 2.

Most people seem to be pretty happy with the new Oasis and the warm frontlight. It currently has an overall customer rating of 4.4-stars at Amazon.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of reading with an orange or dark yellow background with the warm light toward the upper end of the scale, but I do like having the option to add a couple of notches of warm light to help soften the cool light a bit.

I’ve never had a problem with the cool light on ebook readers, and a new study suggests exposure to dim blue light at night might be better than warm light, but I still think ereaders should continue to let users decide which color they prefer.

What about you? Do you like the warm frontlight on the Kindle Oasis? Is it worth having to pay a premium price?

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14 Responses to “Do You Like the Warm Frontlight on New Kindle Oasis?”

  1. I do like have having the option of a little warmer light on my Kobo and my Nook, but it’s not important enough for me to bother replacing my Oasis 2.

  2. I prefer cool light on my ebook readers so I would not be willing to pay any premium for a warm light option.

  3. I love the screen on the Oasis 3! Flawless! Vastly prefer it to the bluish Oasis 2.
    …However I tend to prefer reading on my Kobo Forma,slightly flawed screen and all, over my Oasis 3…That extra inch of screen and margin control allows for a slightly larger font size that I prefer.
    I like the warmth set a little more than half.
    Also use inverted text some. Even with a front-lit screen, less light is emitted at night.
    Don’t notice any impact on sleep on any setting.

  4. I do like it, only wish it was oranger like the Kobo Aura One.
    Inverting text is best thing about KO3

  5. Love it. Have contrast issues with black and white, so this is a great help to my old eyes. Can’t take it with you, so might as well spend it on the best reading experience possible.

  6. I love the warm option on the Oasis 3. Lived it on my GL3 and having one an Oasis 2, the warm frontlight is the only reason I bought the new one. My only gripe is that I wish it were able to go more orange like my Nook. Otherwise it’s perfect.

  7. I don’t know. I have the Kindle Voyage, the Kindle Oasis 2 and even my old Kindle DX is still kicking after all these years. I still read with all three. With the Oasis 2 and the Voyage, I keep the front light low all the time. I have a red light bulb in the lamp beside my bed and I use it at night to read by. So, with the light on the e-readers left at the second lowest notch and my red light bulb, I can see and read the Vokage and the Oasis 2 very well. I enjoy the low-light look on the screens of each device. Right now, I don’t need the warm front light on an e-Reader.

  8. I detest the Oasis series after getting the Onyx Nova Pro. I like having dual adjustable cool/warm light, but more than that, I like having contrast, bold, and cropping options for PDFs that Kindles lack.

    Onyx blows Kindle Oasis away, for only a little more cash ($275 versus $310)

  9. Didn’t really have a preference but quality of light was actually very good; but I thought the 7in screen would make a difference to pdf support, it didn’t. Amazon should just drop pdf support (at mo pointless), until they have adequate screen size that negates their hit and miss conversion. Conversely, kobo forma basic pdf Support is adequate – full page / screen and TOC (no search etc.) but the Forma’s flaw in the light is a big fail, especially when light on Kindle Oasis 2019 is excellent. Interestingly, I still prefer the Forma bigger screen, smallish device for epub/pdf – when I’m engrossed in reading just don’t notice the flawed light.

    • I for one really hope Amazon does not take your advice and drop PDF support. Most PDFs convert just fine with send to Kindle and if the pictures or tables don’t convert right I just send them as PDFs and hop over to look at the image and then go back to reading it in the converted Kindle format. Having duplicate files isn’t a big deal with 32 gigs of space.

  10. The cooler the better! Don’t like the orange glow at all!

  11. Absolutely love it but unfortunately anything approaching orange reminds me of The Donald ;o(

  12. Not a common use case, or one I would wish on anybody, but while I was recovering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage this past fall I found the orange light on my reader easier to look at than the cool blue one. (I’m better now.)