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Adam Carbon Fiber Skin

Review: Skinomi Screen Protector and Carbon Fiber Skin for Notion Ink Adam

Skinomi is the first company to offer screen protectors for the Notion Ink Adam and they were nice enough to send a free sample to test for this review. I imagine the install process and overall review will apply to most other tablets Skinomi makes skins and screen protectors for as well. I received the […]

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Notion Ink Adam

Interesting Results on a Notion Ink Adam Poll

Everyone in tablet-land is waiting for a new device that can take on the iPad, something that supports Adobe Flash and isn’t hampered by Apple’s proprietary closed-in software. One of the main contenders for this onerous task, according to main-stream-media, is Notion Ink, a startup company based in India. Notion Ink’s device is called the […]

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