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Paperlike E Ink monitor

Dasung Releasing New E Ink Monitors with Frontlight and Touchscreen (Video)

Dasung has released several E Ink monitors over the past few years, along with the smaller Not eReader earlier this year, and now they’ve launched another crowdfunding campaign for their latest line of E Ink monitors that feature touchscreens and frontlights. Dasung is accepting orders for four different versions of their new Paperlike E Ink […]

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Dasung Not-eReader

Dasung Not-eReader has Surprisingly Fast Refresh Rate (Video)

The Dasung Not-eReader is a new 7.8-inch E Ink tablet and ereader (despite the name), and it just might be the fastest E Ink ereader yet. Dasung uploaded a brief YouTube video yesterday showing the Kindle app in action on the Not-eReader and the app appears to work surprisingly well. It reacts faster than it […]

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