Dasung Releasing New E Ink Monitors with Frontlight and Touchscreen (Video)

Paperlike E Ink monitor

Dasung has released several E Ink monitors over the past few years, along with the smaller Not eReader earlier this year, and now they’ve launched another crowdfunding campaign for their latest line of E Ink monitors that feature touchscreens and frontlights.

Dasung is accepting orders for four different versions of their new Paperlike E Ink monitors from the Indiegogo website.

There’s the Paperlike Pro with the option for a frontlight and a touchscreen, or just a frontlight only.

A tier higher is the Paperlike HD with a higher resolution screen, also available with a frontlight and a touchscreen or just a frontlight only.

All have 13.3-inch E Ink screens, and the frontlights have both warm and cool color temperatures.

The Pro models have a resolution of 1600 x 1200, which equates to 150 ppi. The HD models have 2200 x 1650 resolution screens with 207 ppi.

Like usual Dasung’s E Ink monitors are shockingly expensive, but these are being discounted by up to 30% off for early orders.

Dasung’s refresh rate is impressive, likely the best in the E Ink business. Their monitors connect via HDMI and they support PC and Mac computers, as well as iPhones and iPads, and apparently some Android devices.

Dasung Paperlike HD-FT

Paperlike E Ink monitors

2 Responses to “Dasung Releasing New E Ink Monitors with Frontlight and Touchscreen (Video)”

  1. I bit the bullet and bought an HD model. Works great and my eyes have never been more thankful. Glad I can stop fiddling with hacks and just use it. Still hoping for Clearink to come out with a color epaper screen.