Dasung Not-eReader E Ink Tablet and Monitor Available to Pre-Order

Dasung Not-eReader

Dasung has started accepting pre-orders on Indiegogo for their latest new device, the Not-eReader, which has a 7.8-inch 300 ppi E Ink screen.

It’s kind of an ereader/tablet/monitor hybrid. They’re calling it the first E Ink mobile phone monitor. I don’t know if very many people want a 7.8-inch black and white monitor for their phone, but the device runs open Android 6.0 so it has plenty of other uses.

The Not-eReader has a quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space, plus there’s a memory card slot for further expansion.

It also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 5-point capacitive touchscreen, a USB-C port, a mini-HDMI port, two-speakers, a microphone, and a massive 5300mAh battery.

The Not-eReader has a frontlight as well, with warm and cool settings. They say it supports a variety of formats but they neglect to give any specifics other than PDFs.

The Not-eReader is surprisingly expensive. They’re selling it for $369 plus shipping on Indiegogo, and that’s with a 26% discount for the early bird offer. The regular price is $499.

That’s a lot more than the LikeBook Mars, which also has a 7.8-inch screen and Android 6.0 software. It lacks an HDMI port and the battery is smaller but it has an octa-core processor and it only sells for $259.

The Not-eReader is expected to start shipping March 2019.

Dasung Not-eReader Video Demo

5 Responses to “Dasung Not-eReader E Ink Tablet and Monitor Available to Pre-Order”

  1. If it can be used as an extended display it could be a nice Outlook reader. I agree it’s too expensive for it’s purposes. I’d rather wifi share a PDF from my phone to an reader the carry test devices. Would have been nice to dock the phone in the back and carry as one device.

  2. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to watch Youtube and cartoons in black and white.

    • Some of us are so sensitive to the light from regular screens that these devices are a godsend. I get migraines and severe eye pain from blue light so I can’t watch a regular screen. Lots of people like me exist so that’s one reason why we would watch a show in black and white, and other people don’t want to harm their kids’ retinas with sharp blue light so there is that too.

  3. Too expensive for me. I did have interest, but I don’t think their additional features are worth such a large premium.
    It’s also kind of shady that they keep using iPhones to promote their ‘Mobile-Phone Monitor’ feature, but then state there is no iOS support in the description.

  4. Very Interesting device if it works as claimed, but, yeh, out of my comfort zone price wise, given the prices of color tablets of that size (< 150).