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Color eReaders

Mirasol vs Color E Ink vs Pixel Qi – Which is the eReader of the Future?

The next obvious step for ebook readers is color. And there are currently three different types of screen technologies trying to bring color to ereaders, Mirasol, color E Ink (Triton), and Pixel Qi. All three screens differ quite a lot, but there are similarities. Each is meant to be readable outdoors in bright light, each […]

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Pixel Qi Vs E Ink vs LCD

Pixel Qi Review – Pixel Qi Vs E Ink and LCD

I’ve been testing the Notion Ink Adam’s Pixel Qi display in various lighting conditions to see how it compares to E Ink and other types of LCD displays. Pixel Qi screens are known for using less power than traditional LCD displays because they have transflective and reflective modes that utilize ambient light to illuminate the […]

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ZTE Light 2

ZTE Light 2 Android Tablet with Pixel Qi’s 7″ Sunlight Readable Display

Last week ZTE unveiled a new Pixel Qi-equipped tablet called the ZTE Light 2 at the Mobile World Congress convention in Barcelona. The ZTE Light 2 is the first device to use Pixel Qi’s new 7″ screen that was on display at CES 2011. The 7″ screens have a pixel resolution of 1024 × 600, […]

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Pixel Qi vs iPad

Pixel Qi Displays, A Closer Look and Video Interview

Pixel Qi is one of the new display technologies coming to ereaders, tablets, and other portable media devices in 2011. Pixel Qi displays are similar to regular LCD displays like a computer’s screen but are more energy efficient because the backlight can be adjusted and turned off to save on power. In this mode ambient […]

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Notion Ink Adam

Interesting Results on a Notion Ink Adam Poll

Everyone in tablet-land is waiting for a new device that can take on the iPad, something that supports Adobe Flash and isn’t hampered by Apple’s proprietary closed-in software. One of the main contenders for this onerous task, according to main-stream-media, is Notion Ink, a startup company based in India. Notion Ink’s device is called the […]

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