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E Ink Patent

German Court Finds E Ink Patent Invalid, Files in Favor of Trekstor

Back in 2012, E Ink Corporation filed a lawsuit against Trekstor, an ebook reader distributor based in Germany, for selling various ereaders that used epaper panels from a Chinese contract company, OED Technologies, that supposedly infringed on E Ink’s patents for electronic ink. It’s was an interesting case because E Ink Corporation is pretty much […]

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Pyrus Mini eBook Reader

Pyrus Mini eBook Reader Review

Here’s the link to my Pyrus Mini review, which includes the usual written review and video review for an in-depth look, along with some pictures that compare it to the Kobo Mini and basic Kindle for size comparisons. Since most companies release new gadgets either in the summer or in the fall for the busy […]

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Digital Ink vs E Ink

“Digital Ink” Screens Look Just as Good as E Ink Screens

Earlier this month I posted an article about the Trekstor Pyrus Mini ebook reader. Not only is it the world’s smallest dedicated ereader with its 4.3″ screen, it’s also one of just a handful of ebook readers to ever use an epaper screen not produced by the company E Ink. All the Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, […]

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Pyrus Mini

A Look at the 4.3″ Trekstor Pyrus Mini eBook Reader (Video)

Update: I was able to get my hands on the Pyrus Mini and post a hands-on review, which includes a video review and some comparison pictures with the Kobo Mini and basic Kindle to get an idea of the size difference. If you’ve ever wanted a miniature ebook reader, the Trekstor Pyrus Mini is as […]

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