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Are Solar Powered E Ink eReaders Really Necessary?

Bookeen, a small ebook reader company based in Paris, has announced that they intend to bring solar charging to ebook readers through a new partnership with Sunpartner Technologies, also based in France. The press release is slim on details, and doesn’t specify whether the technology will be used on Bookeen’s line of Cybook ereaders exclusively […]

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Toshiba Biblio Leaf

The Toshiba Biblio Leaf SP02, a Solor-Powered eReader

Japan has been a hotspot for new ereaders lately with the recent releases of Sony’s new ereaders and Sharp’s Galapagos tablets. And now Japan is getting another new ereader on December 25th, the Toshiba Biblio Leaf SP02, the first solar-powered ereader to reach the market. (more…)

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Solar Reader

Is Sharp Working on a Solar Powered eReader?

Sharp corporation, in conjunction with their distributor Arrow Electronics, has put together this proof of concept for a solar powered ereader using off-the-shelf components. They believe it’s possible to create portable devices such as ebook readers that don’t require any kind of external power supply or replaceable batteries by using photovoltaic components that can produce […]

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