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Too Bad Sony Stopped Making eBook Readers

Things have never been quite the same after Sony decided to get out of the ebook business. They closed down their ebook store in 2014, and eventually announced that they would not be making any new Sony Readers either. The Sony PRS-T3 was the last Sony Reader to get released, and they never even bothered […]

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Kindle Audio Adapter

New Kindle Audio Adapter Adds Text-to-Speech to Kindles

Amazon has developed a new solution for people that want to have text-to-speech on their Kindle ereader. Amazon just introduced a new Kindle Paperwhite bundle that comes with a Kindle Audio Adapter that plugs into the Kindle’s USB port to listen to text-to-speech through a set of connected headphones or speakers. It’s being marketed as […]

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N96 Boox

Onyx Boox N96 Now Available on Amazon and eBay

If the new 13.3-inch Onyx Boox Max is a bit out of your price range, there are a couple of really good alternatives for large-screen ereaders with the new 9.7-inch Onyx Boox N96 and N96ML. A US distributor has started selling the N96 on Amazon and eBay for $379, plus shipping. That’s a good price […]

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Icarus Ereader Max

New 13.3-inch Icarus eReader Available on Indiegogo

Icarus has launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo for their new 13.3-inch Icarus A4 Android ereader. It’s a rebranded Onyx Boox Max, so both are mostly the exact same aside from the branding and a few tweaks here and there. Here’s the link to the page for Icarus’s 13.3″ ereader. The funding goal is $25,000. […]

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Kindle Oasis

Page Buttons and eBook Readers are a Great Mix

When the Kindle Oasis was first announced, all the talk was about the new tapered design and the included leather charging cover. But the number one thing that caught my attention was the return of the page buttons. I’ve always really liked having dedicated page buttons on ereaders. Being able to rest a thumb on […]

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Onyx Boox Max Writing

13.3-inch Onyx Boox Max Available on Amazon for $650 to Pre-Order

The Onyx Boox Max is a new 13.3-inch E Ink ereader that runs Android 4.0 and has a pressure-sensitive touchscreen for accurate handwriting using a stylus. The first batch of orders just started shipping out last week from a specialized German retailer. Now a new seller that just launched on Amazon is taking pre-orders in […]

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Kindle Oasis vs Kindle Paperwhite Side

Kindle Oasis First Impressions Review and Pictures

The Kindle Oasis, Amazon’s new premium ereader, was officially released today for those that pre-ordered early (Amazon currently shows new shipments arriving the beginning of June). I ordered one to review, of course. But it’ll be a couple of weeks before I post a full review since I like to actually use a device for […]

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Onyx Boox Kepler

Onyx Boox Kepler eReaders with 300ppi Screens Coming Soon

A couple days ago we got a first look at Onyx’s new premium 6-inch ereader in a video demo from a trade show in Hong Kong. Onyx also has a page for a new ereader line called the Kepler series posted on their website. There have a few different sub-models because the one shown doesn’t […]

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