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Onyx Boox Max

Onyx Boox Max with 13.3″ E Ink Screen Coming Soon

The new set of 9.7-inch Onyx Boox N96 ereaders aren’t the only new devices that Onyx is getting set to release soon. Onyx also has a 13.3-inch ereader in the works called the Onyx Boox Max that is said to be getting released sometime in the next couple of months. For some reason Onyx doesn’t […]

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Onyx Boox N96

New Onyx Boox N96 and N96ML with Android 4.0 and 9.7″ E Ink Screens

Onyx has a couple of new 9.7-inch E Ink ereaders that are getting set for release soon, the Boox N96 and N96ML. The funny thing about them is they are basically the exact same as the Onyx Boox M96, except they have a new design and a few upgrades. There are two versions of the […]

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Is Your eBook Reader or Tablet’s Battery Dying?

The great thing about ebooks is the fact that they can be copied and backed up and they don’t break down or degrade over time like paper books. The same thing can’t be said for the manner in which we read ebooks, however. Reading ebooks always requires using some degree electricity, even just a tiny […]

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Icarus Illumina XL 8-inch Android eReader Now on Amazon for $199

The Icarus Illumina XL first started shipping last month to customers that pre-ordered one or backed Icarus’s crowdfunding campaign they launched back in November. Now the Illumina XL is available to order from for $199. There’s also a bundle package that comes with a cover for $20 more. Icarus is a company that is […]

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White Kindle

Ebook Reader Innovation was Stagnant in 2015

Looking back at 2015, is was a really slow year for ebook readers in general. Very little has changed overall during 2015. Has ebook reader technology peaked? Starting at the top, no new Kindles were released this fall for the first time in six years. The Kindle Paperwhite 3 was introduced over the summer but […]

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Icarus Illumina XL

First Look at 8-inch Icarus Illumina XL with Android 4.2 (Video)

The Icarus Illumina XL is a new ebook reader that was first introduced back in October. It has an 8-inch screen (that’s why it’s called “XL”) and it runs Android 4.2 and can install Android apps. Icarus launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help fund the ereader, and to give people the option to […]

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inkBOOK Obsidian

InkBook Obsidian Android eReader Review and Video Walkthrough

Review Date: December 2015 – Review unit provided by Arta Tech Overview The inkBook Obsidian was released in late 2015 by Arta Tech, an ereader company based in Europe. The device is based on the Boyue Shine (T63), and is among the first of its kind to be released. Last year I reviewed the T61 […]

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Onyx Boox M96C

Onyx Boox M96 Plus and M96C Now Sold on Amazon

A marketplace seller at Amazon has recently started selling a couple of variations of the Onyx Boox M96. Both sell for $339, the same price as the original M96, which is no longer available to purchase since these newer ones have taken its place. The new listings include the M96 Plus model, which adds double […]

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