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Onyx Max 2

Videos Showing New Onyx eReaders with Upgraded Specs and Android 6.0

Onyx is demoing their latest new E Ink ereaders at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and a website called Notebook Italia posted some videos showing the new devices in action. Onyx has two new versions of the 13.3-inch Onyx Boox Max in the works, the Max 2 and Max 2 Pro. Both have some […]

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Likebook Plus

Boyue Likebook Plus, Another 7.8-inch 300ppi eReader with Android

Another version of the new 7.8-inch 300ppi Boyue ereader recently turned up for sale on AliExpress. The device is called the Boyue Likebook Plus and it’s selling for $199 USD. It’s very similar to the Icarus Illumina XL HD that just started shipping. Boyue makes ereaders for a variety of companies so they often turn […]

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Fujitsu Digital Paper eReader

Fujitsu Digital Paper eReader Getting Set to Launch

It looks like Fujitsu is planning to release a digital paper ereader of some kind in the near future. A search on the Wi-Fi alliance website turns up a device called the Digital Paper M01 that was recently certified on October 2nd, 2017. The model number is ZD01 and the product is listed under the […]

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6-inch Onyx Boox Kepler Pro Drops to $199 at Amazon

Last month the Onyx Boox Kepler Pro, Onyx’s latest premium 6-inch ereader, turned up on Amazon for the first time, but the price was rather high at $249. A few weeks later and now the price of the Kepler Pro has dropped down to a more reasonable $199 (still pretty high for a 6-inch model […]

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Onyx Boox N96ML Carta

Video Showing 9.7″ Onyx Boox N96ML Carta with Frontlight

I came across a video review on YouTube showing the new Onyx Boox N96ML with a Carta screen. It’s the model with stylus touch and a frontlight. The Onyx Boox N96 is currently the only large-screen E Ink ebook reader available with a frontlight, and this is the first video where I’ve actually seen it […]

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eReader Screen Size Comparison

E Ink eBook Reader Screen Sizes Compared (Video)

Despite the fact that all current Kindles have 6-inch screens only, there are a variety of sizes available when it comes to other ereaders with E Ink displays. So I thought it would be interesting to put together a quick video showing ereaders with different size E Ink screens to see how they compare to […]

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remarkable tablet

ReMarkable Paper Tablet Review and Video Walkthrough

Review Date: September 2017 – Review unit provided by reMarkable Overview The reMarkable paper tablet is a 10.3-inch E Ink ereader and digital notepad developed by a startup company based in Norway. It’s designed to be a paper replacement type of device, with advanced sketching and note-taking abilities. For reading, it supports PDF and ePub […]

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Frontlights Explained - Why eBook Readers Don't Have Backlights

Frontlights Explained – Why eBook Readers Don’t Have Backlights

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to ebook readers is the type of screen lighting system they use. It’s fairly common to hear people referring to ereader lights as backlights, but E Ink ebook readers use frontlights instead of backlights, which are common with LCD screens on phones and tablets. The reason for […]

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