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Kobo eReaders

When Will Kobo Release New eReaders for 2016?

Kobo is almost certainly going to be releasing at least one new ebook reader in 2016, so let the speculations begin. The first clue came a month ago when some paperwork turned up at the FCC revealing what appears to be a new 7.8-inch ereader and a new 6-inch E Ink ereader. Kobo wouldn’t waste […]

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Onyx Boox Max

13.3-inch Onyx Boox Max Now Available from Amazon and Banggood

The 13.3-inch Onyx Boox Max is finally starting to become more widely available. It was first released a couple of months ago but production problems slowed things down for several weeks. Mostly the Onyx Boox Max has been at pre-order status for the past few months; it’s good to see it finally becoming available from […]

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AmazonBasics Capacitive Stylus Kindle

Review: Amazon Capacitive Stylus for Kindles and Tablets

If you saw my last video review of the new entry-level Kindle for 2016 you probably noticed that I was using a stylus to interact with the touchscreen for most of the review. I don’t know why I didn’t think of using a stylus sooner; it helps not having my hand blocking the view of […]

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Black or White Kindle

White Kindle or Black Kindle – Which One to Choose?

Some people have asked which color Kindle is the best to get now that Amazon has started selling white Kindles in addition to the standard black option. The white versions are available with the Kindle Paperwhite 3 and the entry-level Kindle. The white Paperwhite 3 with Wi-Fi is already sold out until August 24th, but […]

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Onyx Boox C67ML

New Onyx Boox C67ML Released with 300 ppi E Ink Screen

Onyx has released a 3rd generation model of their C67ML ebook reader, a Carta2 variant. The only change with the new model appears to be an upgraded E Ink screen. It features a 6-inch E Ink Carta 2 display with a resolution of 1448 x 1072. So that takes it up to 300 ppi territory; […]

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Tablets vs eBook Readers

Tablets vs eBook Readers – Which is Better for Reading?

Below is a list of advantages for tablets and ebook readers summarizing the benefits of each when it comes to e-reading. Some people like using ebook readers to read books and some prefer to read on a tablet or smartphone. One way isn’t necessarily “better” than the other; like most things it just comes down […]

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New Kobo Aura One with 7.8-inch Screen and 6-inch Kobo Leaked

According to some paperwork that showed up on the FCC website this week, Kobo has a couple of new ebook readers in the works that will likely be getting released in the near future. The information at the FCC indicates the possibility of two new Kobo ereaders, one with a 6-inch screen and another with […]

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White Kindle Paperwhite

New White Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite are Interesting Options

Yesterday Amazon announced a new entry-level Kindle, the 8th generation model, that gets released two weeks from today on July 7th. It’s thinner and lighter than the previous Kindle, and it comes with Bluetooth to connect speakers and headphone to use the VoiceView and text-to-speech accessibility features that were recently introduced with the release of […]

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