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Onyx Viking Concept

Onyx Working on New Concept to Add Page Buttons to eReaders (Video)

Onyx has developed a new 6-inch ebook reader with a unique design that adds page turn buttons to a removable cover. At this point it’s just a prototype and they’re listening to customer feedback to see if it’s something that people would like to have, but it certainly looks interesting. There’s a POGO pin connector […]

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Onyx Note Pro

Onyx Boox Note Pro Review and Video Walkthrough

Review Date: May 2019 – Review unit purchased from Amazon Overview The Note Pro is Onyx’s latest version of their “Note” model that was first released one year ago. It’s the fourth different version of what is essentially the same device with a few tweaks along the way. What differentiates the Pro model is the […]

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Eewrite E-Pad

New E-Pad E Ink Tablet and Notepad Now on Indiegogo

The Eewrite E-Pad is a new 10.3-inch E Ink ereader and digital notepad that runs Android, similar to the Onyx Note Pro and Likebook Mimas. They first started accepting pre-orders on Kickstarter a couple months ago, and now they’ve started a second round of pre-orders for the E-Pad over on Indiegogo, with shipments expected to […]

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Onyx Note Pro Likebook Mimas

Large eReaders with Frontlights – Onyx Note Pro and Likebook Mimas

Last year when the original Onyx Boox Note was released, the biggest complaint was the fact that it didn’t have a frontlight, and the same could be said about all the other ebook readers with larger 10.3-inch and 13.3-inch E Ink screens up until just recently. But now we’ve finally got a couple of large […]

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Onyx Boox Note

Original 10.3″ Onyx Boox Note Marked Down to $449

Yesterday I posted about how Onyx has finally started accepting orders for the new Onyx Note Pro at Amazon, and now they’ve dropped the price of the original Boox Note down to $449. It’s been available for just under a year now. It used to sell for $549. Then they dropped it to $499 awhile […]

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Onyx Boox Note Pro

10.3″ Onyx Boox Note Pro Now Available on Amazon

The Onyx Note Pro has finally turned up for sale at Amazon. As expected they’re selling it for $599, which is $110 more than they’re currently charging for the original Note. The Note Pro adds a frontlight with adjustable color temperature, a flush glass screen, and it has double the storage space and RAM with […]

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Onyx Max2 Pro

New Firmware Update 2.1.1 Released for Onyx eReaders

Onyx has released the English version of their 2.1.1 software update ahead of schedule. The update is available for the following Onyx models: the 10.3-inch Note Pro, the original Note and the Note+, the Nova Pro, and the Max 2 and Max 2 Pro. Other models are expected to get the update at a later […]

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Likebook Mimas

New 10.3″ Likebook Mimas Now Available on Amazon for $489

The long-awaited 10.3-inch Boyue Likebook Mimas has finally turned up for sale at Amazon. Better yet, the Likebook Mimas is priced very competitively at $489 with free shipping. That’s over $100 less than the similar Onyx Boox Note Pro, and they both share about 90% of the same features and both run Android 6.0. Plus, […]

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