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Onyx Boox Nova Pro Review

Best 8″ E Ink eBook Readers in 2019

Here’s a list of the top ebook readers available right now with 7.8-inch and 8-inch E Ink screens. The Kobo Aura One was the first ebook reader to come with a 7.8-inch E Ink screen, and now there are several options in the 7.8-inch screen size category. When it comes to dedicated reading devices, ~8″ […]

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Kobo Forma

List of eBook Readers with Page Turn Buttons

I’ve always been a big fan of having dedicated page-turn buttons on ebook readers, having the tactile feel of a button under the thumb. I find it easier to rest a thumb in one spot and being able to lightly press down to page forward than having to swipe a finger or thumb across the […]

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Likebook Alita

New 10.3″ Likebook Alita Getting Released Soon (Videos)

Likebook is getting set to release a new 10.3-inch Android-powered ebook reader and digital notepad called the Likebook Alita. The design looks strikingly similar to the Onyx Boox Note Pro. Their shameless copying of Onyx is starting to get kind of creepy. Half their software features were taken from Onyx’s software and now their hardware […]

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Supernote A5

Supernote A5 and A6 Agile eReaders with Wacom Stylus (Video)

The Supernote is a new brand of digital notepads and ebook readers out of China from a company called Ratta. They sell two models. There’s a 10.3-inch version, the Supernote A5, and a 7.8-inch version, the Supernote A6. The Supernotes support ePub and PDF files, and they have a Wacom touchscreen for notes and drawings. […]

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Note Pro

Onyx Boox eReaders Can Use Speech Recognition to Input Text

Onyx has posted an article on their website that describes four different ways to input text on Boox ereaders. Two of the options are no surprise—using a Bluetooth keyboard and the new handwriting recognition feature that converts your handwritten notes to typed text—but the other two options I was unaware of—using a Bluetooth OCR scanner […]

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Xiaomi Moaan W7

New Xiaomi Moaan W7 with 10.3-inch E Ink Screen, Android 8.1 for $379

A new 10.3-inch ereader and Wacom notepad recently turned on Banggood called the Xiaomi Moaan W7. It’s been garnering some interest and some folks have been asking about it so let’s take a closer look. I think one of the reasons there’s some buzz surrounding the Xiaomi Moaan W7 is because the price is currently […]

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Nook Glowlight Plus

7.8″ Nook Glowlight Plus Now Available for $199 (Video)

In case you missed it, Barnes and Noble quietly unveiled a new Nook Glowlight Plus last week with a 7.8-inch E Ink screen. It was only available in stores for the first couple days after it was released, and now it’s available to purchase online from B&N’s website for $199 with free shipping. The new […]

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Likebook Mimas Frontlights

Boyue Likebook Mimas Review with Video Demo

Review Date: May 2019 – Review unit purchased from Amazon Overview The Likebook Mimas, model number T103D, is a 10.3-inch E Ink notepad and ereader from a company based in China called Boyue. The Likebook Mimas is very similar to the 7.8-inch Likebook Muses that I reviewed a couple months ago. The custom Android 6.0 […]

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