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Bluefire Windows

Bluefire Releases New Reader App for Windows PC

Bluefire has released a desktop reader program for Windows computers. The app supports ePub and PDF files and works with Adobe DRM, both the old and new Adobe DRM. Bluefire has made a name for itself with reading apps for iOS and Android. They were one of the first to offer support for DRM’d ebooks, […]

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Onyx Boox T68 Play Books App

Google Play Books App Review on Onyx Boox T68 (Video)

I’ve been testing a bunch of different Android reading apps on the Onyx Boox T68 Lynx. The Play Books app is up for review this time around. At first the app seemed to work okay, but the more I use it the more it continues to crash. Too bad because all the Play Books’ features […]

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Kobo App Onyx Boox t68

Onyx Boox T68 Lynx Kobo App Review (Video)

As far as third party reading apps go, the Kobo Android app fairs better than most on the Onyx Boox T68. The number one thing is there’s no animated page transitions like with the Kindle and Google Play Books apps. This results in much smother and faster page turns. Ghosting and afterimages are less of […]

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Onyx Boox T68 Comixology

Comixology Android App Review on Onyx Boox T68 (Video)

I wanted to see if the new Onyx Boox T68 Lynx could pull off being an E Ink comic reader using the Comixology app for Android. The app is of course designed for Android tablets and phones with LCD screens, so you never really know what to expect on an E Ink screen. For the […]

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2nd Gen Google Nexus 7

Turn Your Android Tablet into the Ultimate eReader

One of the good things about Android is all of the choices for reading apps. There’s everything from ebook apps to news and rss apps, to digital magazine and newspaper and comic apps, there’s reading apps just for kids, enhanced ebook apps with videos and music, apps that read ebooks aloud. In fact there are […]

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oyster android app

Oyster’s eBook Subscription App Arrives on Android

Oyster is of the more popular ebook subscription services—sort of like Netflix for ebooks—and up until now their ebooks have been exclusive to apps for the iPad and iPhone. Now Oyster has added an Android app that works with tablets and phones running Android 4.0 and up, including the reading-centric Kindle Fire and Nook HD […]

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Whispersync for Voice

Kindle Apps Get Audiobook Integration and Lots of Other New Features (Video)

Amazon has released major updates to their Kindle reading apps today. Amazon issued a press release announcing the biggest change: Audible integration. Kindle reading apps now support audiobooks, aka Whispersync for Voice. This feature was previously only available on the latest line of Kindle Fire tablets. Now all the Kindle reading apps have the ability […]

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Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Campaign Blows Past Expectations

Last week LeVar Burton launched a Kickstarter campaign to help make Reading Rainbow more accessible to more children by getting it onto the web and getting it into school classrooms for free. Reading Rainbow was a television series that aired on PBS from 1983 to 2006. It was hosted by LeVar Burton and the theme […]

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Apple’s iOS 8 Adds iBooks Sharing

Yesterday Apple announced the upcoming release of iOS 8, Apple’s latest operating system for mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The updated software adds a host of new features. Among them are a couple of changes to iBooks, Apple’s proprietary ebook app. First, the iBooks app will now come preinstalled as part […]

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wowio ebooks

Wowio to Launch Free Ad-Supported eBooks with 350,000 titles from IngramBooks

Yesterday Wowio issued a press release revealing their plans to move forward with the concept of offering ebooks for free, but with ads injected into them. They have partnered with IngramBooks to provide over 350,000 ebooks. Wowio just launched a new ebook app for Android, and they have apps for the iPad and iPhone, as […]

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