Nook Best Buy Ad

Now that the Nook officially sells from Best Buy, I noticed while leafing through the newspaper this morning that the Nook is on the first and second page of this week's Best Buy flyer, and it is also the first product advertised on their website's homepage.

The Nook sells for the exact same price as it does from Barnes and Noble, and both have free shipping when ordering online.

It's disappointing that Best Buy is giving the Nook so much advertising but isn't offering any promotional discount or incentive that makes it any better than buying from B&N.

And I really wish Barnes and Noble would stop saying they have over 1 million ebooks in the Nook advertisements; it's more than a little misleading when you subtract all the poorly-formatted public domain titles from Google and other free titles and come up with 135,455 actual ebooks for purchase, which is considerably less than their competitors.

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