Kobo eReader Availability Updates


Kobo eReader

Kobo announced on their blog this week that Borders Australia will sell the Kobo eReader and launch an ebook store powered by Kobo that will include ebooks from Australian authors and publishers, among the 2 million titles Kobo boasts as their selection.

The blog speaks in the future tense but it appears that the Kobo eReader is currently for sale from Borders Australia for $199, and the ebook store is up and running , which also works with Kobo’s free software applications for smartphones, PC, Macs, and the Apple iPad.


Kobo also mentioned on their blog that the Kobo eReader now sells from Indigo, Chapters, select Coles stores, and now Walmart too. It sells for $149 in Canada.

The Kobo reader comes pre-installed with 100 free classic ebooks and the Walmart versions supposedly comes with 4 free Harlequin novels. There’s no mention on what titles.


Nothing new to report on the Kobo US release. It’s available for pre-order form Borders.com for $149, who will soon be launching there own ebook store powered by Kobo. The reader is expected to be released on June 17th in the US.

Walmart.com doesn’t currently have it listed, but I imagine they will sell from Walmart in the US if they do in Canada.

Here’s the Kobo eReader page if you want to read more about it specs and features and watch a video demo.

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  1. Went into Borders two days ago and they were sold out of Kobos. Why doesnt this news get on the net?