Liquavista Launches 8.5-inch Displays


Liquavista is a new type of display technology that aims to rival LCD and E Ink displays by the end of this year. The technology requires very little power and is expected to be 25 – 30% cheaper than existing ereader displays.

Liquavista issued two press releases today. The first is about their new 8.5″ color and monochrome displays to go along with their current 6″ displays.

“The eReader market place is an important entry point for Liquavista. However, the 8.5″ display shows not only where our technology can take this exciting new category of devices, but how Liquavista technology has the potential to revolutionise all segments of consumer electronics in the future.” said Johan Feenstra, Liquavista’s CTO.

“Our latest large area displays bring XGA resolution (1024 x 768), which combined with video capabilities will fuel further breakthroughs in the delivery of content and applications to eReaders, and more. The scalability of technology, combined with its unique performance make it ideally suited to cover all existing applications, from mobile phones up to very large size TV’s.”

The second press release talks about how their electrowetting technology has achieved a frame rate capability down to frequencies as low as 1Hz, meaning it’s extremely energy-efficient.

The video below reveals some in-depth details about these types of displays and how the process of manufacturing them can be easily implemented by current LCD manufactures because only one step needs to be changed in the process: Liquavista uses a liquid and oil solution for their displays instead of crystals like LCD. Other than that the process of manufacturing them is exactly the same.

Liquavista Video Demo

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