Ectaco jetBook Lite eBook Reader Now $99

jetbook lite

The 5-inch Ectaco jetBook Lite is now the lowest priced ebook reader on the market at just $99 from It shares the same hardware as the Aluratek Libre; and both are based on the mysterious Chinese ereader called Dr. Yi.

While it doesn’t have the long battery life that E Ink ereaders have (the jetBook has a VGA reflective monochrome screen and uses typical AA batteries that will last for 23 hours of continuous reading), it comes with all the features that you’d expect from an ebook reader: SD card slot, screen rotation, dictionary, bookmarks, font size and type adjustment, support for multiple languages, and now supports Barnes and Nobles’ ebook DRM.

It also displays EPUB, MOBI, PRC, RTF, TXT, PDF, FB2, JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP file formats.

The jetBook Lite has a few interesting features: it uses the Foxit PDF reader for viewing PDF files; there’s a setting for automatic page turns; it supports a hierarchical folder structure; and can complete words as you type them.

In an interesting twist, the CIA World Factbook comes pre-installed on the jetBook, which includes comprehensive geographic, economic, and political information for over 270 countries.

Here’s the video that put together for the jetBook Lite.


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