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Jetbook Color Screenshot

JetBook Color, a Closer Look (Videos)

Remember the JetBook Color? I first posted about it back in early September. It is a 9.7″ ereader and is the first to come with a color E Ink screen. It is currently available in Russia and Ukraine as part of a government subsidized project and is expected to come to the US and Europe […]

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Jetbook Color

The JetBook Color eTextbook Tablet Has 9.7″ Color E Ink Screen

The Ectaco JetBook Color is among the first devices on the planet to use a color E Ink display. These displays, called E Ink Triton, use the same exact type of technology devices like the Kindle and Nook use, but have a filter over the top that gives the screen the ability to display thousands […]

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jetBook Mini

JetBook Mini Buyers Beware

The jetBook Mini is starting to show up for sale on several retail websites (even in packs of 10 in some cases), but there are a few important details that consumers need to know about this device before ever considering buying it. (more…)

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Ectaco JetBook Mini

Ectaco jetBook Mini Specs, Video, Pre-order

The Ectaco jetBook Mini is now available for pre-order for $99 from the Ectaco website, and is expected to start shipping on October 1st. It is currently available in black and yellow, although the initial leaked picture at the bottom of this page shows several colors . . . so there’s probably more to come. […]

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Ectaco jetBook

New Page: Ectaco jetBook, plus jetBook News

The Ectaco jetBook ereaders are very popular in some circles and I’ve been meaning to add them to the site for a long time. So here it is, the new Ectaco jetBook page, complete with specs, photos, and a video review of the jetBook Lite from YouTube. Check it out for a quick look at […]

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jetbook lite

Ectaco jetBook Lite eBook Reader Now $99

The 5-inch Ectaco jetBook Lite is now the lowest priced ebook reader on the market at just $99 from JR.com. It shares the same hardware as the Aluratek Libre; and both are based on the mysterious Chinese ereader called Dr. Yi. While it doesn’t have the long battery life that E Ink ereaders have (the […]

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