The eBook Reader Blog Week in Review – July 5th to July 11th

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This Week’s Top Posts

Graphite Kindle DX PDF Review and Video Review – A review of how the new Graphite Kindle DX handles various types of PDF files, including single and double column layouts, regular text documents, complex graphical PDFs, and some comics and graphic novels too.

Graphite Kindle DX First Impressions, E Ink Pearl Mini Review – The new Graphite Kindle DX is the first ebook reader to have the new higher contrast screens from E Ink, and the contrast is considerably better.

Kindle Format Conversion Guide – A blog post that explains the process of converting EPUB ebooks and other types of files into a format compatible with a Kindle using Amazon’s conversion service and Calibre ebook software.

New iRiver Story With WiFi Coming to the UK – An iRiver Story with Wi-Fi will be released in the UK shortly that will connect to the WHSmith ebook store for direct downloads.

Samsung E-6 Removed From, US Release Doubtful – While Samsung’s ebook reader expands to other markets in Europe, it doesn’t look like it will be reaching the United States any time soon.

An Interesting Twist in the Amazon vs Barnes and Noble Saga – This week Amazon was granted a patent that was filed way back in 2006 for ereaders that have a secondary LCD display. The wording in the patent is fairly broad, and basically states that Amazon holds the patent on devices with an E Ink display next to a smaller LCD display.

Borders Opens eBook Store and is Giving Away 5 Top-Selling eBooks – Borders is giving people reason to download one of their new apps for the new Borders ebook store by giving away $40 worth of ebooks.

Some News About the New Kobo Reader Firmware Update – Kobo started rolling out the firmware update for the Kobo Reader this week that improves some bugs and new features, as well as causing some unwanted side-effects.

New eBook Readers Added This Week

7″ Elonex 710EB Color eReader Coming to the UK – Elonex’s color ereader should arrive later this month; it is up for pre order in the UK for £139, but was supposed to be the “first ereader under £100”. What happened, Elonex?

DreamBook Color eBook Reader W95 – The DreamBook ebook reader is out of Australia and has a color LCD screen for viewing videos and photos in addition to ebooks.

Sovos 5-inch Color eBook Reader SVEBK5B – The Savos ebook reader is another ereader with a color LCD display. It went up for pre-order this week in the UK for just £99.

Free eBooks and Audiobooks

This week there were a number of posts offering free ebooks and audiobooks. Check the free ebooks category for the complete list.

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