Android Market Plus Nook Color Equals Awesome

Nook Color

If you read my hacked Nook Color review before yesterday, you might want to go check it out again.

I had to revise it considerably after installing the new hack for the Nook Color that installs the Android Market and provides solutions for apps that require menu and back buttons.

The new hacking process is so much easier than the original method. And once you get everything set up, the Android Market app works great. It turns the Nook Color into a completely different device, while still preserving all its original features and functions.

It is so nice being able to have access to the best and latest apps right from the Nook Color itself, and to have them updated when updates are available. If you haven’t hacked your Nook Color yet to add the Android Market, you are missing out on a lot of cool stuff.

8 Responses to “Android Market Plus Nook Color Equals Awesome”

  1. First of all, I have to tell you that I LOVE your site.

    Secondly, have you tried putting the Kindle app on your hacked Nook Color? It would be cool if that would work well.

    Thanks for your amazing site!


  2. Here are some apps I like:

    For offline reading like InstaFetch, which works in conjunction with InstaPaper for those who have used that app on apple devices. After the trial expires, it costs $2.99 but is worth it. With the paid version there is a night reading mode.

    I like the app for storing any free or self-created ePubs and pdfs.

    For streaming movies from my desktop to my tablet I like TVersity. This is not actually an Android App since you access the videos via your browser, once you have installed the application on your desktop computer.

    For a dictionary that is accessible offline I recommend the ColorDict app which is free. Once installed you add additional modules depending on type of dictionary you want.

    I use the Astro file manager app, mostly for moving around ebook files since Aldiko wants ePUBS in specific folder.

    I use the Dolphin web browser. I like the fact I can create shortcuts to my preferred news websites and blogs and place them on the home screen.

    I use LastPass for password management. I think I pay $12 a year for full-featured version.

    Weatherbug for weather.

    Finally I added to the home screen a mute widget and Wi-fi on-off widget.

  3. P.S.

    I tried installing the latest version of Aldiko, but it has issues with tablets. Support told me it is developing a version optimized version for tablets. In the meantime I still use the free version.

  4. Yes, still liking it my Archos 70. Although if I was in the market for tablet I would have to consider the Nook Color given the fact its cheaper, its resolution is more oriented to reading, and the fact it has twice the memory. However, the Archos does have a faster processor and front facing, left-right speaker combination is probably unmatched. The camera doesn’t work very well, but that might be improved with future updates.

  5. Where can you get a better deal on this? NewEgg?