New Freescale Processor Pushes E Ink Pearl Screens to 8fps (Video)


Freescale is showing off the power of their new processors at CES. One to look forward to is the new i.MX508 processor for E Ink ebook readers.

This next generation processor is capable of getting the most out of E Ink’s new Pearl display technology. It allows for faster performance, lower production cost, and increases energy efficiency.

The i.MX508 processor is designed specifically for ereaders and incorporates a Cortex A8 800MHz processor and E Ink display controller.

Take a look at this video below to see the new processor hooked up to a Pearl screen, the same screens used on the new Kindles and Sony Readers. Pearl screens can run up to 8 frames per second, and the i.MX508 has no problem with that. The same processor is used for color E Ink screens as well.

The video also shows the possibilities of bringing Android to E Ink ereaders. An interesting concept, indeed. But unlikely.


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