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E Ink Carta vs E Ink Pearl

Screen Comparison: E Ink Carta vs E Ink Pearl

Ever since I got the Kindle Paperwhite 2 I’ve been a bit skeptical about the so-called new and improved E Ink Carta screen technology. Right now the Paperwhite 2 is the only device using Carta screens; most other ebook readers use Pearl screens. Both are the same type of epaper screen tech produced by the […]

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Bookeen Video

Video Playing Smoothly on E Ink Pearl Screen

Bookeen posted a YouTube video (below) on their blog today showing video playback on an E Ink Pearl display, the same type of screen the Kindle 3 and Sony Readers use. Back at CES, Freescale demoed their latest ereader processor hooked up to a Pearl panel running at 8 frames per second. (more…)

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E Ink

E Ink’s Pearl Displays are Winning Awards

E Ink, the company that makes the screens for the majority of dedicated ebook readers, announced today that their new Pearl displays have won the Best Commercialization Award at the fourth annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics Awards. This marks the second award this month. On December 1st E Ink announced that their Pearl display were selected […]

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Kindle 3 vs MReader

Pearl vs Vizplex: Are the New High Contrast Pearl Screens Overrated?

Ever since Amazon announced the Graphite Kindle DX, the first ebook reader to have the new Pearl display from E Ink, the issue of higher contrast has been getting a lot of attention. All the press releases regarding the new Kindles, along with Amazon’s website, and E Ink themselves state that the new Pearl displays […]

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New Sony Reader?

New Sony Reader and Nook Coming Soon?

Amazon got the jump on the new Pearl screens from E Ink with the release of the Graphite Kindle DX and the new WiFi-equipped Kindle 3. In fact, that’s one of Amazon’s major selling points: 50% improved contrast! 10:1 contrast ratio! Buy now! Although we were all expecting Amazon’s next Kindle to have a color […]

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Kindle DX Text

Graphite Kindle DX First Impressions, E Ink Pearl Mini Review

The new Graphite Kindle DX arrived today. And it’s the first ebook reader to feature the new screen technology from E Ink, the leading supplier of epaper screens for most current ereaders. Update: Several more pictures and a video review have been added to our new Kindle DX PDF review page. First thing, I’m not […]

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Kindle DX E Ink Pearl

E Ink Announces New Screen Technology: Pearl

E Ink Corporation, the company that supplies the epaper screens used in the majority of dedicated ebook readers, issued a press release today announcing their new display technology called Pearl. This coincides with Amazon’s release of the new graphite Kindle DX, which will be the first ereader on the market to feature this new display […]

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