Pandigital Novel App Installation Tutorial (Video)

Pandigital Novel Tablets

One question that I get asked all the time is how to install apps on the Pandigital Novel.

Now that Pandigital has opened up their line of Android tablets to install 3rd party apps, the process of installing apps has become a lot easier. You can install them onto the device right out of the box without any firmware updates, hacks, or any technical work.

The video below will show you how to manage apps on your Pandigital Novel eReader, how to install apps, where to find them, and how to uninstall them.

The video features the black Pandigital Novel, which runs Android 1.5, but for the most part the same steps apply for the white Pandigital Novel, the 9″ Novel, and the new colored varieties.

One thing to note, the video will suggest you visit the Android Apps Installation Guide for further instruction and for links to download apps. One thing that differs from those instructions is that the Pandigital Novel doesn’t require an SD card to install apps like a lot of other devices do; you can install them directly on the internal SD card.

More help and information can be found on Pandigital’s website. Here’s the link to their download section for the user manuals, quick start guides, and firmware updates. If you have an old Pandigital Novel you’ll need to update the firmware first.

Pandigital Novel App Installation Tutorial

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40 Responses to “Pandigital Novel App Installation Tutorial (Video)”

  1. My pandigital novel will no longer turn on the wifi & without it-it’s useless. Any clues as to what i can do?
    I have a wifi setup right in my computer.
    Is there a setting i may have touched that turns it off.
    I sign in -it acts like it’s going to hook up & then Disconnects.???

    • If it were me, I’d first reset the Novel. If that didn’t work then I’d try testing it on another network, a public network. If the WiFi still doesn’t work I’d try exchanging it from where I bought it if it’s been less than 30 days. As a last resort, contact Pandigital about the warranty.

  2. I have found that happens at times and one way to correct it is to do a full power down of everything. Power off the PDN, power off the computers, power off the router and power off the modem. Leave it be for 5 mins or so. Then power up in this specific order, power on to the modem, let it get fully set up, then power on to the router let it get fully set up, then power up your computers fully, last power up the PDN and try the wifi. The IP release and gain by the modem at times will cause the PDN not to find the new address. Doing that type of power down then up will help clear that problem.
    Has worked for several others having this kind of problem.

  3. Thank you both so much.I’ll try powering down everything.But it’s weird because i was just using it yesterday & since i turned it back on Nothing. Get back to ya.

  4. There is a firmware update for the Novel which allows it to function as a andriod 2.o tablet. The interface is changed and methods are in place to download and install apps. There is also a office reader that lets you read word documents and spreadsheet. It also provides a link to Slideme Sam for apps.

  5. my pandigital novel will not update to the new android firmware its the black one and it seems to download fine on the computer but when i go to reset it, it doesnt look any differnt…any help???

  6. I am having the same issue as Alexus. It seemed to download fine but nothing has changed on my device. I have the white version. Please help.

  7. I have the same issue. I too have the White Pandigital Novel 7. I tried to do the upgade. Says the download was sucessful. I have tried turning it off and on several times for the changes to take place but NOTHING. Can anyone offer any help?

    • I can’t offer any help because I’ve never upgraded a Pandigital. If it were a different Android ereader you usually downland a zip file, extract it to the device’s root folder with the device off, then hold the power button and the volume+ key as it boots up. Eventually a little Android guy pops up with a progress bar. Not sure if the process is similar for the PN. I tried to download the installer from the Pandigital site to see how they do it and my AVG internet security advised me that it was Malware. Strange…

  8. Ronald C. Palmer March 5, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Pandigital has pulled the tablet upgrade because they are having problems with it. The expect it to be up and running in about a week.

  9. I did the Android upgrade. It worked, but I can’t find my books. Does anyone know where it put the ADE?

    • You have to go into EFILES and download Barnes & Noble App.After installation of the App,all your books will appear.

  10. I have had my PN white 7″ for 3days mine does not have the upgrade. I have downloaded nothing changed. I dont know where to find it now that a I have that page. It was successful but now I am afraid to upgrade. I like having my ereader icon or/ane seeing my books. Is there a way to just download the Slide app to add additional android apps to my existing version. I have the 3 tier homepage with store, bookshelf and icons @ bottom. I dont know if its worth upgrade if my primary use is as an ereader, is it???? Thanks for help and advife.

    • If your primary use for it is ereading then maybe it’s not worth upgrading, but you have to upgrade to install apps. A lot of people are having issues with the update process. You might check over at Slateroid–they have a lot of info on upgrading and hacking the white Novel.

  11. Ed you likely know this this but in case not, there is a switch at the end of the tablet for turning the WIFI on or off. Perhps you accidentally turned it off?

  12. I just finished upgrading mine last night. I’ve been working on the upgrade for 2 weeks. At the end when it was rebooting it seemed to hang up. I held down the Plus volume and power key a second time and it finally loaded the android system. I’m missing my books too, but the e-book reader works much better than the old one. I had to swipe several times to get the page to turn. Now I just tap the right side of the page once.

  13. Mine is a 7 inch black Pandigital.

  14. Peggy Shedlock March 17, 2011 at 1:19 pm


    I am a new owner of a Pandigital 9″ Novel Touchscreen Color Multimedia WiFi eReader.

    I know I need to set up Wireless connection first after charging the battery.

    I am going to use this for when I travel for business to read and reply to emails…review document (PDF). O

    What apps do you recommend to load first to get me started.

    Of course, I will purchase ebooks to read and search the web.


  15. Thanks for the app tips. Can you tell me what kind of earbuds should I buy for my 9″ Pandigial?

  16. I am having trouble upgrading my 7″ white Pandigital. I know you’re supposed to hold down the Volume+ and the Power button for 5 seconds but it does absolutely nothing. What am I doing wrong?!!

    I would like to do this upgrade for my wife as I bought this as a decent alternative to the Nook.

  17. Check out facebook I love the pandigital novel e-reader. You will definitely get ALL of your questions answered. I have updated the white model (got kindle app, you tube app, etc., and it works GREAT!

  18. Nathan, is there a new upgrade for the white PDN out in mid
    April? Thanks.

    • I don’t know. Pandigital doesn’t make much sense with their updates. People were saying that it was new but I don’t see any indication of that; they are just referring to the same page the downloads have always been. There’s no change log or anything.

  19. Here is my evaluation of the new android Pandigital 7″ Novel Black.

    A couple of days ago, I purchased a PanDigital 7″ Novel.
    I was excited by all the features. When I tried to install it on my XP Desktop PC in order to install critical fixes, found that the Windows-XP driver was not on the system CD. The vendor does not provide to consumers a device driver.

    In trying out the eReader, I found the device not very
    responsive. The page turning touch screen was sluggish
    and the on-demand keyboard did not always display on
    the screen. You have to keep trying. I believe the
    cause for that is not enough memory within the eReader
    to handle the color and all the functionality they have
    packed in there. I also could not download a book I bought from B&N. It would just say request completed when in reality this was not true.

    I had no choice, but to take the eReader back and get a refund.

  20. JohnB, sorry about your Pandigital. Mine works fine. I have not experienced what you claim in your “review”.

    Nathan, below is the response I received from Pandigital when I had the same problem as you. Carefully read step #6 where it reads “select the POLARIS”. The problem was that I was not reading the instructions correctly.

    Thank you for contacting Pandigital. We’re sorry to hear you are having difficulties with this scenario. Please see below for details on how to correct this matter.

    1. Plug reader in to the PC/Laptop via the usb cable.

    2. Navigate your internet browser to

    3. Click the blue text on the screen that says click here.

    4. Updater software will begin to run, click the Click here to start the process

    5. Pop up screen will ask you to remove any usb mass storage devices (also remove any SD card that may be in the reader)

    6. The confirmation screen will pop up. At the bottom of the pop up it gives you an option of the file to download, Select the Polaris and confirm

    7. After download is complete a congratulations screen pops up click ok and a Step by step reboot guide will pop up.

    8. Unplug the unit from the usb and the power if it is attached. Shut down the unit as you usually would by way of the power off prompt.

    9. Reboot the unit by holding the volume + key and then depressing the power key. Hold them both for 5 seconds and release.

    You will then get a screen that confirms the installation let this run.

    Upon reboot you will be asked to set a language.

    If the update was successful you will now have a Google search bar at the top of your screen and 12 icons including Sam 4.0 (an app. market for the android platform) and Office Suite (app that allows you to view word documents.

  21. The biggest secret about downloading the operating systems is to remove the SD Card, re-download, turn off, then do the turn on while pressing the volume button. After several attempts, I called customer service and the guy asked if I had an SD Card installed. I said yes. He said remove it and do it all over again. Worked like a freakin charm!

  22. Gfak! This thing just gives me trouble! The charger(s) won’t charge it completely at times, the updates don’t update and I can’t watch the tutoial because I have thw wrong version of flash! I don’t have a computer, and the adobe books don’t work! Sigh…n :/t

    • Welcome to the wonderful world of budget Android tablets, where nothing is ever easy and straightforward :). Btw, there’s a YouTube app on this site that should work. Just run a search in the box in the upper right column.

  23. Hey Nathan, I have a black 7″ Pandigital Novel. I got the Youtube app, and the Pandora app. Unfortunately, I had to get an older version on Pandora that doesn’t work as well. But It’ll have to do. I have pretty much everything I need and want on the tablet except some apps. Words with Friends, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Mp3, amazon appstore, Angry Birds, etc..all of them I can’t seem to find a version of them that installs and works properly. Is there any way to get these apps with out hacking or rooting the tablet? I don’t want to risk breaking it Because I do find it to be a pretty good budget tablet.

  24. I found a lower version of Angry Birds, it’s like 1.3.0, but it still won’t install?

  25. Hello Nathan,

    I have been reading your website which is phenomenal, however I have not found info regarding how to upgrade my Pandigital Novel 9″ Mod. PRD09TW to Android 2 to make it more functional, i.e. install educational apps for my toddlers, and access the Android Market. The only “upgrade” I’ve seen is the one for the 7″ posted by Bill on May 2011.
    I have not setup any account with B&N neither downloaded e-books.
    Is it any link/resource that you know of to do it?
    I appreciate your help
    Thank you.

  26. Update issue solved – I was unable to update the firmware on my 7″ and it looked like I was doing everything right, plugged in USB, launched the EXE, and it downloaded the update and I continued to start it up after I shut it down by holding the Vol + and Power and the screen would come up but the update would never take. I found out the if you go back to the update utility and drop the the update file name there is another option called Pive or Pole or something like that – I downloaded that, did the same steps and that took, then I tried the update that was showing first in the drop box and that took took. Hope this helps

  27. I downloaded the firmware update on my white 7″ Pandigital and it works fine. EXCEPT… the download said it would also install the manual. If it did, I don’t know where it went. How can I get it to understand the features of the android upgrade on it? I especially want to know how to edit or delete contacts – but don’t know how. HELP!!!

  28. Hello,
    I have the PD White 7″ and I have upgraded but it will not let me open the slideme market or the officeSuite or the ES File Explorer, I tried to reset it but it did not help. Please help. I do not know how to fix it. Thanks.

  29. Its kind complecated for me to use the divce please help me out