How To Install Apps on Android eReaders and Tablets

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There’s a lot to learn when first getting started with Android-powered ereaders and tablets such as the Pandigital Novel, Pocketbook IQ, Next3, or a number of other devices. Often times there aren’t any directions on how to install Android apps, so here’s a quick tutorial to get started.

First, you’re going to need a compatible memory card for your device to install new apps in most cases. To install them just place the app on your SD card and then select the app’s APK file using your device’s File Manager. Another method is to download the APK files using the device’s web browser. Once the download is finished tap the file to prompt install.

With some ereaders and tablets you need to go into settings, select Applications, and then check the box to allow installing apps from unknown sources. Some devices don’t have an option for this; they are set to allow them or disallow them by default.

The next thing to know is if your device doesn’t come with the Android Market app, you’re not going to get the Android Market on your ereader unless you find a hack for that specific device, as is the case with the Nook Color. This means you have to rely on other app stores such as Amazon’s Android Appstore, SlideMe, or download Android apk install files from websites like Android Freeware.

Another option is to install an Android Emulator on your computer, set it up to get access to the Android Market, download apps with it, and then extract them to load onto your Android-powered device.

This does take some technical work to set-up, but grants access to the widest selection of apps. Follow the directions outlined in the comments of this blog post. Then make sure to read this comment to learn how to extract the APK files.

One last thing to be aware of before you start buying apps is that not all apps are going to work properly on an Android tablet because they were designed for phones with 3G, GPS, cameras, etc. Make sure to research compatibility first.

Get Started With Some Apps

If you want some reading apps, you can download a ZIP package that I have set up on the Android Reading Apps page.

The best ereading app for EPUB ebooks, including those with Adobe DRM, is Aldiko 2.0. It requires Android 2.1 or higher.

Don’t forget to get the new Overdrive app for free library ebooks and audiobooks.

And here’s an old YouTube app APK if you’re having trouble finding a version that works.

Don’t forget to search Android Freeware and Amazon’s Appstore for apps in all shapes and sizes.

Suggested Starter Apps

Here’s a list of popular apps you may find helpful to have installed:

Amazon Apps – App found at Amazon for downloading Android apps.

Sam – App found at SlideMe for downloading apps.

Astro File Manager – A popular file manager app.

Dolphin HD, Opera Mini, Skyfire – Web Browsers.

ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro – With these you can change your homescreen, install different themes, customize appearance, etc.

Google Maps, Street View – What you would expect.

Dictionary – There are various free and paid dictionary apps.

NotePad – There are many free notepad apps. Evernote is probably the most popular.

Pandora – A free internet radio app.

Advanced Task Killer – This closes running apps.

Spare Parts – Allows you to enable settings not found in the default setting menu. Having trouble not getting fullscreen to work? Install this app, open it, then un-check compatibility mode, and reboot.

108 Responses to “How To Install Apps on Android eReaders and Tablets”

  1. Thanks for this post. As the owners (as of Christmas) of a Novel 9″ I was getting frustrated trying to access Android features. No market app I downloaded would install. Now I’m getting somewhere.

  2. I had no ad ware running on my Next3, at first. However, after installing I’m not sure which 3rd party app from the Appstore today, I now see ads in all 3rd party apps except the eReaders.

    So I uninstalled all 3rd party apps except eReaders, then tried adding one 3rd party app at a time, & checking it for ads. Every app I try now however, no matter which one it is, now has rotating graphic ads in them. Even apps I know did not display ads before today.

    My question is… If you somehow get a piece of adware lodged in your tablet, what is the best way to remove it? When I look in Running Services under Manage Applications on Next3, I don’t see anything suspicious running there.

    Any suggestions, besides factory reset?

  3. What about antivirus apps? Do you advise always running an A/V like AVG resident on tablets – or just install, run, & scan if problems arise? Thanks

  4. I’ve have the Pandigital 7inch ereader. Can I put these android apps on without doing a root/hack to this device? If I install the the sam app and or other android apps can I remove them if I decide later that I don’t want them?

  5. I just got the Pandigital 7″ Novel too. Iwent to the Slideme site and downloaded the sam app (I got a screen with downloads listed on it) but how do you install it? I can’t figure out how to locate the sam file now, let alone install it! Help?

    • One way to do it is to pull down the notification menu at the top of the screen and then tap on the downloaded file, which appears as an arrow pointing down.

  6. That is what I (and probably many others) have been trying. Tapping on the file (and on the arrow pointing down) does nothing. It appears as there is no way to install any .apk file.

    • You do have an SD card installed, right? I have no problem installing apps on the Pandigital Novel by tapping the apk file either in the browser or with the ES File Explorer (and if you don’t have the ES File Explorer then the firmware needs updating). And make sure the box in settings is checked for installing apps.

  7. ok… I’ve uploaded the kindle app onto my WPDN and it’ll come up and show me my archived items but they wont download so i can read them. What do I do?

  8. Thank you! I have a NExt2 and a Next3 and these tablets aren’t nearly as fun without the full Andriod Market. Your you tube video was fantastic.

  9. I have the Next3 and love it so far. The only thing I am having trouble with is downloading some sort of flash player so I can watch videos on the web while surfing. Do you have any suggestions for me to accomplish this or direction to go?

    • Flash video isn’t supported by versions of Android earlier than 2.2. You can use the Skyfire web browser for playing some videos, like YouTube and such that are embedded in web pages.

  10. Will the Next3 software be able to upgraded to the newer
    Android 2.2 or Honeycomb when the Next4 is released? Considering the Next3 but I want to have flash player. Any

  11. Hi there,
    I installed the open platform on my Pandigital, but I actually prefer the original way it came better! I was just wondering how I would go about getting my Pandigital back to not having the open platform?

    • You’d need to install the original firmware, essentially the same way you installed the update. Not sure where to find the old firmware, however. You might try checking SlateDroid.

  12. I installed the Andorid open platform kit on my PD Novel &(white) and now I can’t install any ebook reader. Can I uninstall the open plastform and restore original; or is there an ebook reader that I can install.
    Thanks and Frustrated,

  13. I have a MAC and are having troubles downloading apps for my andriod e-reader. Any programs I can download that will help me with this??

  14. Hi Nathan, thanks for the links and info on the Nook Color Honeycomb SD install. It went smoothly, including installing the Marketplace except for getting protected/tablet apps to show. What device did you spoof? I tried the Xoom but now the Google doesn’t show any device, so I guess I need to reinstall. Any links or suggestions would be helpful. Thx!

    • Yeah I have that problem with some apps not showing too. My NC is listed as LogicPD Zoom2. I think there might be a fix it at XDA but I’m not sure. I didn’t bother fixing it because I got most the apps I needed and then others via the methods listed above. Mostly I’ve just been eagerly awaiting the new Honeycomb release for everything to work right but it’s taking longer than I’d expected.

  15. I have the same problem Nikki has. Kindle is installed and shows in the archive that I have the books, but when I try to open them it “fails to download”.
    Anyone have a solution?


  17. what kind of memory do you recommend and where to I find it? I’m having a terrible time with my cbd reader

  18. Anyone please help me.. I’m a new user of android tablet version 5.0. I want to install wi-free to my tablet so that i can have an unlimited internet connection. Please send me an instruction on how to install it & how to use the globe broadband usb modem to my tablet. You may email me at

  19. Pandigital Novel / ANDROID Tablet Firmware Update

    Have been working on this all afternoon. Followed directions, now I have no library, and new apps (B&N) state that “application is not installed on your phone”. How do I go back to my original software? Or any suggestions on how to proceed with the new. I’ve already set the time, date, etc. as intructed in manual….

  20. Pandigital Novel Android Tablet Update
    As Nan above, I followed all the directions on this new download for my 7″ Novel. It goes through all the motions, I hold down the volume+ and power, reboots, but it appears to be the same OS, minus the information I had before.
    I was able to find it on the local, the ebooks that is, but do not see the new home page or app manager.

  21. I had the same prob as Deb and Nan. I needed to turn off the PDN, then hold down the volume+ and power. Then it worked!! Also before that – I had to delete everything off of “removeable disk” EXCEPT Adobe Digital Editions.

  22. I am having difficulty with the APK files on the WPDN 7″. When I try to download it in ES File Explorer I get a real quick pop-up that isn’t there long enough to read and then nothing happens. Any ideas?

  23. What is the app called and where do I fine it to load into my pandigital 9″ novel to open email attachments?

  24. This is the app APK I was trying to download.

    • You can download it with your computer and transfer it to the Novel. I noticed when I was doing the app tutorial review for the PN that stupid media fire’s pop-up ads can make it difficult to download with the PN itself.

  25. I have a Cruz eReader and am having a hard time finding an antivirus for it, any suggestions?

    • Amazon’s appstore has a few different varieties you should be able to try via their free app. I tried AVG for awhile but it was kind of annoying and haven’t tried any of the others. Here’s the list.

  26. Thank you so much for all this! Does anyone know where I can obtain JDK 5.0? I apparently don’t have a version of JDK on my latest machine, and only have XP prof, so the version on the Oracle site will not work on this op/sys it seems. ;-( So I am stuck in trying to download apps, etc!

    I was able to get angry bird files to the card, thought I could install from the device, but don’t see a way to do that either! I am trying hard though! *grin*



  27. Help! I found JDK, although the only version I could find included the server and that was overkill for me. 😉 Got it installed and was so excited that I was finally going to get Android SDK installed. But, yet again, SDK told me it could not detect JDK. I am going to try rebooting, but that is my last hope. Any other ideas? Thanks for any help you can send! 😉


  28. Well, call me persistent…..*grin* I finally got around this and HOPE I am on my way. Not sure what the hold up was, but was finally about to get the latest JDK installed. Go figure. We would tell the users it was a user error, so…..*laughing*


  29. I have had my Kindle for about 2 years. Suddenly it no has connection to the Kindle shop or the internet. How do I fix it?

  30. Is there an ITune, IPad or Ipod APP that I can load onto my Pandigital 9″ Novel? I need to download/transfer instructions Copy To Go discs to my tablet.

  31. Thanks so much for your information. I purchased the Nextbook 3 in December and recently it failed to come on. I had only used it 10 times or so. However, I called the company and they sent me a brand new one and it is working great. The battery is lasting for hours which was an issue before. Your information has helped me find out so many more things to do with my Nextbook and it makes it more enjoyable and fun to use. I am so excited to download the apps like Nook and Kindle to my Nextbook. Dolphin is neat too especially when I can open new tabs and search from those as well. Thank you so much!!

  32. I purchased a Pandigital 7″ Color eReader from Radio Shack –good price: it came with the tablet face ‘update’ preinstalled,– But when I attempt a free app install at Android Market, it tells me I have no devices, Yet, a 2GB sdcard is inserted and working right…

    Whar does the yellow-b.g. message really, mean?


  33. Hello my name is Mark anderson i am one of the admin of the I LOVE THE PANDIGITAL NOVEL E READER ON FACEBOOK. Here youwill find help,tips,and helpful info for your PDN. This is a very good site but i believe were more setup to answer your PDN questions and problems. For this is all we do for all units. Nathan keep up the good work hope to see you there……Mark Anderson

  34. How do I download software to next3

  35. hi.I have a nextbook7, In my email I have a video that I can;t watch, Flip share is the name of the camcorder.Ican watch it on my lap top with no problem. So how can I view it on the nextbook7. Thanks, Susi

  36. hi how can i add arabic language in my tablet
    thanks for your time

  37. Hello,
    I bought my Pandigital Planet yesterday, and I was looking for a root for it, any help?

  38. I just bought my kids a 9 inch pandigital from biglots. How do I download games and music on it. Everytime I try it will not let me. What do I do?

  39. I have a nextbook 8.4 and i can’t figure how to delete and the thing works weird. it wwon’t goto kobo, but to the book i wae reading a week ago. any ideas Thnks

  40. is it possible to watch movies on my pandigital e-reader 7

  41. On Android Market, my device(Nook Tablet) is not seen (detected), only my phone is. Any idea how to resolve this problem ?

  42. can I use netflix on my Planet. and if so how?

    • Yes, I used to run it on mine all the time. Just run a search for Netflix apk. I actually just linked to one the other day in the Kobo Vox firmware update post that should work and it’s the newest version.

  43. Hi,
    I just got a Kobo Vox and I am new to all the tablet world. Could you please tell me if it is safe to install the apps that you download to your table? The table asks if you want to install this application? Which the answer is yes, but I am not sure about the rest: “allow this application to: your location, storage, network communication, phone call, ” is this safe?

  44. Hi Nathan, i installed the amazon app, but for some reason it does not able to finish the downloading process. It says something about payment but i am selecting the free apps. Is there something that I am missinin?

  45. Having a difficult time loading video on 7″ black pandigital. Any suggestions?

  46. Hi I was wondering if there is a daily motion app for the black
    pandigital novel. If so how can I get it. Any help Is much appreciated.

  47. is it possible to download apps by hooking the tablet up to the computer and saving under the PD novel file? they do save, but when i turn on my novel they arent there. is it because they arent in the right folder? there are many folders under the folder of PD novel, for example “e-books” and “system” etc.

    • It doesn’t matter where you place the apps. You need to navigate to them with a file manager and tap them to prompt the package installer.

  48. Hi Nathan, I have been reading through all the hints and tips but nothing seems to be answering what i need… So far I haven’t got any other ereader to work but i do already have one installed called pan reader… I was wondering if you could tell me how to get my bookstore in pan reader from German to English so I can use it??


  49. great tut! I was wondering if there is a daily motion app for the black pandigital novel. If so how can I get it. Any help Is much appreciated.

  50. I just got the Pandigital tablet and I can not download apps… I have read i need the SD card in I just got it and did not have it in last nite… All I want is a FREE angry birds apps…any suggestions?

  51. I have a pandigital nova and when I go to apps installer there is long list of several attempted installations..none of which will install because it says no available space. How do i get rid of this list and also how do clear some space?

    • You have to go to settings then manage applications and then uninstall some apps or move them to the SD card to free up more space. There’s only a set amount of space for apps on the internal storage, but with the Nova you can move some to the memory card to get more space.

  52. Can someone please help me? I have a Next2 by Nextbook with the android 2.1 OS. The app market installed is a “andappstore” market. It says Droid market but it keeps prompting me for an “andappstore” username and password. I downloaded the Angry Birds app and when I go to install it says “problem parcelling package” I tried using my droid account but only me cell phone shows up. I googled this “andappstore” and found it is now called mall. How can I get angry birds to install?

  53. I have the pandigital novel 9 in multimedia reader/tablet. I used the recommended Kindle app it seemed to install ok, but when I try to open it says the app KIndle has stopped unexpectedly. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Try installing a different version from either the Amazon appstore or Android Freeware. One of them should work on the 9″ Pandigital for sure.

  54. Hi there.
    I just purchased a Pandigital 7″ color eReader & android multimedia tablet.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 android cell phone as well, it has games and apps my son loves to play, i.e : angry birds.
    I am trying to download these apps on the tablet, and everytime i find them, it says “installed” next to them, meaning already on my phone. So they wont download to the tablet. I am not very good with electronics. But I really want to install these for him. How do I do this ? I went on freewarelovers and not sure what I am doing.
    I have an SD card installed, and it says it was done correctly.
    step by step.

  55. I bought a cheap tablet soley for use as a controller for my Sonos music system, Down loaded “Sonos Controller” free app from Market App & it worked fine until Sonos sent an upgrade requirement, Half way through the upgrade, it froze.

    I have deleted the original app, but when I try to download it now from Market, It says “Sonos not Recognised” although it works ok on my Phone & PC.

    It runs Market 2.2 & has no other programmes loaded ???

  56. hi iam clarissa ? when i update my firmware my screen would update an i cant downloade app store or the android market can u help me

  57. i have a 7inch 2.2 2gb tablet and it just keeps on loading and loading this happened twice to me ….do u know how to solve this i went it and downloaded app and this is what it did when i turn it off and thn turned it on again thanks



  60. Wow! Does this andriod pandigital ereader SUCK! It’s battery lasts for like 30 minutes, it freezes, it is so touchy, and i can’t download any apps. I’ve tried amazon, itunes, apple, andriod, apple, hacking, rooting, and everything else. It’s the lousy 7″ black one. I hate it! the only thing it can do is go on facebook, urban dictionary, and the stupid slideme market place. Let me tell ya that app market sucks so bad. THe apps are dumb, they dont work, and they are apps that i dont want. The whole thing is a terrible terrible piece of junk. And thats the nicest thing i’ve ever said about it!

  61. Hi
    I have a pandigital 7″ white,and i got the youtube app but the videos wont play. It just says loading video….
    How do i get the app to work for me?

  62. Me again.
    I’m having a problem downloading the AVG antivirus. It keeps saying “error parsing package”
    How do i get the app to work for me?

    • That means it’s not compatible with your device. Sometimes you can find an older version of an app to get it to work, but antivirus software probably isn’t something you want to downgrade.

  63. Having trouble trying to download any ‘free ereader app’ on to my (cheap) android tablet. Keep getting a message “You don’t have any devices”. The apps asked if the device was an ‘android’ or a ‘tablet’. That confused me, but I did try both.

  64. I have the pandigital 9″ I have An sd card installed. .I want to move some apps to it I go to start apps manage apps click on the app I want to move to sd card And the option is not there what am I missing? ?? Thanks in advance Steve

    • It’s probably because the 9″ Pandigital’s operating system is rather old and doesn’t support moving apps to an SD Card.

      • It has the Android. OS on it …it is the pandigital multimedia novel so it should be. Able right????

        • No I think it runs Android 2.1 and you need 2.2 or up to move apps to sd. But there might be some hacks out there….

  65. Just bought panditial novel 7″ for daughter. Tried to download templerun, but says already installed, I have used the same gmail account as my phone, do I need to change that. I also cannot get youtube to show the videos it says not available on phone when I just played it on my phone?? Any help would be appreciated, I got this for her for Christmas and wanted to download these games for her so she wouldn’t be on my phone all of the time. Thanks MJ

  66. Just bought pandigital novel 7″ color multi media ereader. Is there an app somewhere that I can get to put games on this for the kids?
    I am completely lost with gadgets lol thanks

  67. I receieved a nextbook premium se8 for Christmas. I downloaded the amazon app store and it worked fine. Once I turned the tablet off and turned it back on I get a black screen in the app store. If I go into applications and clear the cache and re-login then it will work until I turn it off again.. What am I doing wrong?


  69. My next 2 will not play youtube or any downloaded videos! Help!;(

  70. my tablet wont let me download apps what do i do so i can doanload facebook messenger

  71. Dude, I could kiss you!! you saved a Pandigital Novel’s life today – Thank You for taking the time to enlighten and share!

  72. But I have a nextbook 8 inch. :-((( how do I get temple run

  73. I have a Nextbook 3 that I’ve had for several years, but I can’t find in setup instructions for it.

    Does anyone know if there is an setup instruction manual for this. I can’t even get this thing to receive email and evertime I try and use the browser it can’t make the connection. The WiFi is hooked up and it can see my network here at home.

    Any suggestions Please!!!!


  74. My comment is awaiting….What???

    • All first time comments have to be approved first, it’s a pretty standard spam check for most websites. Now your comments will post right away unless there’s more than one hyperlink.

  75. I bought 3 nextbook 7 tablets with jelly bean and google play store on them… Only 1 tablet is compatible with all the games and other 2 just say” this device is not compatible ” what is wrong???

  76. I have a nextbook 8 and I can’t watch videos though my browser, is there a way to do so or is this android not able to do such? Do I need an ap or something? What do I do?

  77. I uploaded the via aptoide a free ebook downloader and reader and it worked wonderful for months however now i am getting “parse error-there was a problem parsing the package” anyone knows how to fix this