New Nook vs Sony Reader Comparison Review

Nook Touch vs Sony Readers

It’s time for another comparison review. This one between the new Nook and the Sony Readers.

The review includes a video comparing the Nook with the Sony PRS-350 and a list of the similarities and advantages for each, including the PRS-650 and PRS-950.

I’m not sure how long this review will be valid because Sony usually introduces new ereaders in the fall. Also the PRS-950 has disappeared from most websites, and the 950 and 650 are currently listed as out of stock on Sony’s website, but that’s nothing new.

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13 Responses to “New Nook vs Sony Reader Comparison Review”

  1. Flavia Biccas June 16, 2011 at 5:51 am

    Forgot to say that sony has audio suport e Nook do not. I love to use audiobooks and this is making me choose Sony, but the price on nook really is putting me on doubt.

  2. Nathan,
    do you know if the Sony 650/950 readers have folder browsing and how you access. I was looking at a YouTub video of Sony 600 and the home screen had an icon labeled “folder browsing” but I don’t see it on the Sony 950 I bought to test out.

    I know they have “collections”, but I interested in whether I can organize my books into folders on my SDCard or the device itself and access the books through these folders.


  3. could be I need to do a firmware update,since I just got it. I just got the device, but if I can’t organize my files in folders on my SDcard it is going back.

    • I think you can set up folders on the memory card, but I’m not sure because it has been awhile since I had one of those; the 350 doesn’t have a memory card slot. I use Calibre and it automatically sets everything up in folders for categories on the 350. I don’t think you can have folders within folders, though. PocketBooks are the only ones I can think of that are all about folders. They recognize multiple levels on a memory card or internal memory and you can create and move them around right from the device, which makes it easy.

  4. Yeah, no folders. Like you said, best to use tags with Calibre or the Sony Reader software. It is probably fine to do it that way, but I like the idea of being independent of any desktop software.

    Liked you mentioned in the videos, the margin cut feature doesn’t work too well. I used to use a similar feature with the EZ-PDF app on my Archos and it worked quite well. Apparently, the Onyx may do it well from what I have read, while the Pocketbook 902 doesn’t do it all well.

    It actually does the text reflow pretty well. So well, I didn’t realize it had been done on my pdf until I spent some time with it, and saw you mention that the ‘S’ setting(small) doesn’t do reflow. I also opened the pdf on my computer so I could compare the formatting.

  5. First, Nathan, good job on the review as always.

    I found the observation about the Sony stylus not working on the Nook screen to be interesting. I’m wondering if the touch screen used in the Nook is a new version of the screen with less features and thus a lower cost which allows the Nook to get to the $139 price point.

    It’s my personal opinion Sony has provided the most comprehensive .PDF support of any of the e-readers and that was a key decision driver for me.

    The challenge for Sony is to figure out how to become more price competitive. They sell like hot cakes when the price gets marked down.

    • The stylus thing makes no sense to me. It doesn’t work on the Kobo Touch either. Actually it does work on both the Kobo and the Nook if you flip it around and use the flat end. I think Sonys’ are made to be more sensitive to detect the small edge of the stylus tip.

  6. Since I bought the Sony-PRS-350, I intend to load fonts on it when I get it, following that tutorial you created.

    I am still confused about the licensing issues surround fonts. I don’t expect you to know or answer these questions, but these are things I wonder. Does Sony have to license fonts to use them on their devices? Do the the creators of Word Processing software have to license the right to include fonts in their software? Do the authors of books have to license the right to use particular fonts in their books> I hear some fonts are free, while others are not. I read comments on MobileRead where people say “be sure not use fonts that aren’t free or un-licensed” blah, blah, blah.

    If I create an EPUB using a particular font in Atlantis Word or Microsoft that is available to me in their menus, I assume that it doesn’t necessarily mean they are “free fonts,” or does it?

    I eventually will figure this all out.

    • The whole font thing is crazy to me. I can’t believe people actually pay for fonts, and especially considering how much of a rip-off the prices are. I just use the fonts on my computer and these ones on Google.

  7. Can the touchscreen be turned off in the Sony readers? I tried to use my Nook in the rain while walking home. I covered it with a produce bag from a grocery store, but everytime the air pressure would change, the bag would “suck in” and touch the screen causing a page turn or some other response.

    • No, none of the touchscreen ereaders have the option to turn off the touchscreen. Ziplock bags usually work pretty well for that sort of thing.

  8. I love to use audiobooks and this is making me choose Sony, but the price on nook really is putting me on doubt. I get it, following that tutorial you created.