Nook Touch with Firmware 1.1 is the Fastest eReader (Video)

Nook Touch 1.1

When I first installed the new firmware for the Nook Touch that Barnes and Noble released last week, version 1.1.0, I wasn’t impressed. Barnes and Noble claim it is a “major” update, but after installing it I found out that it doesn’t even add any noticeable new features.

However, after some further testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that the update is indeed impressive. The coolest thing about it is that it makes the Nook Touch a lot faster. The update also improves the fonts in both the menus and in ebooks, making the text noticeably darker.

With the new firmware, page-turns will go as fast as you can hit the buttons or tap the screen. Holding down will fast-scan through the pages, pausing slightly at chapters. The Sony Readers can do that as well, but the Nook is much faster.

It’s not only the page-turns that are fast. The Nook is more responsive in all areas, jumping between the library, homescreen, settings, adjusting font. Even the books and lists load surprisingly fast while shopping B&N’s ebookstore.

One thing is clear. The 1.1 firmware update has made the Nook Touch the fastest E Ink ereader on the planet. Not bad for $99 from B&Nicon. Perhaps the Cybook Odyssey with its high speed E Ink can out-pace the Nook, but that remains to be seen.

The only negative with the update is that it removes access to the unofficial web browser. Previously you could type a url into the search bar and it would launch a hidden web browser. It wasn’t very functional so it’s not a big loss, but it would have been nice if B&N had included it officially in the update. All the other major ereaders have a web browser now; the Nook is the only one that doesn’t.

One other detail with the update is that it added support for table of contents with multiple levels…kind of. Everything is on a single level, but at least it shows the inner items with the 1.1 firmware.

Now I’m going to re-root my Nook Touch and take advantage of its new speed boost. I’ll put together a separate post for that. In the meantime, here’s a video showing off the Nook’s speed with the new firmware.

Nook Touch Speed Test with Firmware 1.1

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  1. This is a great update! It definitely has increased the speed of page turns and the fonts are darker and sharper. I’ve been able to retire my clip-on reading light when reading in bed at night with my dim bedside lamp. This update made a good e-reader a great e-reader.

  2. ahhh! silly question. :).
    how can i update my nook touch with new firmware released by B&N. thanks.

  3. I can’t install apps either. My wifi and pc enthernet isn’t the same so i cannot use adb. If you can, post this question in the touchnooter 1.11.11 thread. I can’t post to developers thread.

    • I can’t post in that thread either. It is so annoying. I hate it when sites do that. Like I’m going to go do a bunch of random posts elsewhere just so I can have enough replies to post in development. I PM’d the creator of 1.1.11, though, and asked if it would be possible to add a file manager or web browser to the package so we can install apps without ADB.

  4. Borrowed a laptop with wifi from a friend and from this script( took out everything but connecting to nook over adb and installing apps(Open the script file and then 1.delete everything from “:start” to “echo * Installing Applications *” 2.add “adb install filename.apk” to the script 3. put your apk file to apks folder and delete all other apk files in that folder)

  5. You also need to have the same wifi in nook and pc

  6. @Nathan.
    well, 1st of all thanks for quick reply, you are the best.
    i red the instructions on the site and the installation is very easy. I just have couple of questions.

    1) How much better the battery timing is after the new firmware?

    2) How much space the new firmware take and will it effect the space of external content (that 235MB space)?


  7. Question: I have tried to sideload the update 1.1 on a rooted Nook Touch as described on the B&N site by copying the ZIP file unchanged into the main directory of the device. However, after I disconnect it from my PC, it restarts after a while but if I check the device info it still says 1.0.1. Any ideas?

    • I had a problem the first time I tried but that was because B&N had initially used the wrong file. If you had rooted the Nook it probably won’t update. Otherwise I don’t know what the problem could be. Make sure the update is titled,

  8. Ok thx. I deregistered and reset the device (via the normal Settings menue – no fancy stuff – which removed the rooting and I could successfully upgrade to 1.1. Did this in Europe, for all non US residents wondering whether they have any issues with registering their device outside of the US.

  9. Regarding the rooting with the Touchnooter 1.11.11: Could you do a video on that? I got it done, but I do not know how to proceed, since (a) Gmail and Android Marketplace is nowhere to be found and (b) the procedure used in the first routing doesn’t seem to work i.e. registering via Youtube does not work. Cheers.

    • Yeah, I can’t do anything with 1.1.11 either. You’re supposed to use ADB to transfer apps but that’s too much of a pain for the average user–totally defeats the purpose of an easy rooting method. What we need is someone who knows how to modify the Touchnooter package to add a file manager, dropbox, and a better browser.

  10. Yeah. Just read the thread above and saw the issues. Damn, I really liked the CoolReader! 🙂

  11. Anyone know if this is a better alternative to the one on xda-developers?..

  12. Hey, Barry! I wrote that blog entry off of the directions on xda-devs. 🙂 There are a few different ROM’s that you can use, but I liked that one the best. Was the easiest and most complete. If you have any questions, just look us up on facebook under Customizing Your Nook Color.