Ten Top Free Android Apps for Kindle Fire Not Available from Amazon

Kindle Fire Apps

Here’s a list of ten must-have apps for the Kindle Fire that aren’t available in the Amazon Appstore. The Kindle Fire allows for installing apps from sources other than Amazon, luckily, but it can be hard to know where to get them. That’s where this post comes in.

First, before you can install apps from third-party sources, you have to tap settings on the Kindle Fire, then more, then Device to select the option to install apps from unknown sources.

The apps below that link to the developer’s website and to Android Freeware for the apk file can be downloaded directly with the Kindle Fire’s web browser. Just tap the notification link when the download finishes, or hit menu then tap downloads from the browser to open the downloads folder.

A few of these apps link to GetJar because they seem to have more up-to-date apps. You have to download the GetJar app to the Kindle Fire first to get those. Just hit the download link for an app and it will give the option.

Aldiko – Aldiko is one of the best options for reading EPUB ebooks because it has a lot of customizable settings and supports Adobe DRM. This app is available from the Amazon Appstore, but for some annoying reason it doesn’t show up on the Kindle Fire.

Nook – Surprisingly the Nook for Android app works great on the Kindle Fire. I especially like the animated page turns. Amazon should add that to the Kindle Fire.

Google Maps – Google Maps doesn’t come with the Kindle Fire but it definitely is a must-have app. You might as well get Street View while you are at it.

Dropbox – Dropbox is a cloud storage app that works great for transferring files from a computer to the Kindle Fire wirelessly for formats Amazon doesn’t send/convert. You can sign up for a free account with 2GB.

YouTube – The Kindle Fire’s web browser has a bookmark for the mobile version of the YouTube website, but if you want to watch videos in high-quality you are going to need this YouTube app.

Facebook – Okay. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t use Facebook, but I’m smart enough to notice the Facebook “app” on the Kindle Fire is just a bookmark for the web browser. The real Android Facebook is bound to be loads better…right?

Overdrive – You can use the Kindle’s web browser to shop for library ebooks and then download them through Amazon. Or you can just use the Overdrive app to download library ebooks in less steps. Plus have access to audiobooks.

Dolphin HD and Opera Mini Web browsers – The Amazon Silk web browser in nice, but the Dolphin and Opera browsers have been popular for a long time for good reason. Neither are showing up on the Kindle Fire’s appstore even though they are both available from Amazon.

This is just a getting started list. Feel free to add you own suggestions to the comment section below!

P.S. My Kindle Fire arrived early this morning so I’ve had all day to play around with it. Here’s the link to my Kindle Fire Video Review and First Impressions.

17 Responses to “Ten Top Free Android Apps for Kindle Fire Not Available from Amazon”

  1. Do you like the Opera Mini browser over the Opera Mobile? I have been using Opera Mobile. One thing I really like about the Opera browser over the default Android browser is when I pinch to resize it, it automatically reflows it without requiring a double tap. Maybe this is possible on the default Android browser with certain settings, but it was the default behavior with the Opera Browser.

    • I can’t keep straight which Opera is which. I just picked with one that was more popular :). I used to use Dolphin a lot but now with the Transformer I use the stock Android browser.

  2. I am surprised Google Map and Street view can be sideloaded. For some reason I was thinking all the Google Apps had to be part of the Google market hack.

  3. Love the review and posts btw. Are there any good video players for avi files?

    • I think the stock player will play avis. The Fire isn’t going to be a good option for sideloading videos though because it only has 6GB of usable memory total.

  4. Thanks for this list! I had trouble installing the Nook app — it asked me what device I was using and I selected Amazon Kindle Fire. It then proceeded to tell me that the Nook app was “incompatible” with my device. What device did you tell it you were using?

  5. Update: I managed to get it working. I went to getjar.com and switched my device to Kobo Vox. Navigated to the Nook App and clicked download. Then it gave me the instructions for downloading the GetJar app, which I did. BUT you still can’t see any apps from inside the GetJar app (it seems to recognize you’re on a Fire). So you have to open back up your web browser and go back to GetJar.com, select the Nook app and click on Download again. This time it asks you how you want to download it. I selected the GetJar app and it downloaded and installed fine.

  6. Hi when I first got my fire I downloaded getjar and nook and then when I went to it to download netflix it wouldn’t let me so I think they must have heard from amazon 🙁

  7. Tried to change it to kobo vox where do you change it on the fire it seems to know Its the fire. thank you

  8. RE Overdrive and library books: with the Fire can you browse and check out library books without having to go through your desktop computer? The one downside of getting Kindle library books through other devices like the iPad or Android tablets is that when you go to the Amazon page for the book, it directs you to the “buy this book” link, but doesn’t give you the “check out from library option”. The check out option does not show up on other mobile browsers, but maybe it does with Silk?

  9. I like kindle. And this model gives you much for 200 USD.

    But, I did not like 8gb, may be they want to have their cloud service to be used more..

  10. Thanks for this list! I like kindle

  11. Thanks for list, very useful. Hopefully it gets bigger soon 🙂

  12. Utility to be installed on computer for adding Android Market to Kindle Fire. Very simple.

    Kindle Fire Utility v0.9.1


    I only wanted YouTube and not TubeMate which always had problems. Searched YouTibe (through the web) found someone else but. Had troubles following his instructions. Googled and found you! Hallelujah!!
    I will be bookmarking your site if I have other questions.
    Oh! And I downloaded. Google. Maps too.

  14. Please help me I have this new Gemini d7/d71 tablet given to me by my mom I’m here in Canada as a bunny. Important to me is Facebook,viber.,Skype and YouTube to download for me to have a communication to my family in the Philippines
    I cannot download all of that it says ‘no device compatibility I don’t know what to do,I have no knowledge for this downloading
    Pls help me!!!!!
    Thank you so much