Aldiko eBook Reader App Updated for Tablets

Aldiko Tablet

Aldiko is one of the best ebook reading apps for Android and it just got better.

Aldiko just issued an update that officially adds support for tablets, adding a new user interface and some new features. They made some changes to the phone version as well, with some visual improvements and new navigation icons, app icon, and shelf view.

The update also makes it easier to import content into the Aldiko app. You can now open and import ePub ebooks and PDF files directly from the web browser, email attachments, and cloud storage apps like Dropbox.

If you haven’t used Aldiko before, you should give it a try. It is one of my favorite ereading apps. It supports ePub and PDF files, including ebooks with Adobe DRM, and library ebooks too. It has options for customizing layout—line-spacing, margins, text alignment, font size, font type, background and text color, and you can adjust brightness on the fly by swiping vertically along the left side of the screen.

Some other features include dictionary look up, bookmarks, active hyperlinks, table of contents, search, sharing, and night reading mode. The Aldiko app has some built-in ebookstores too. Or you can sideload everything.

The update is currently available for the Premium version on the Android Market, and will soon be released to the Free version as well. The Aldiko apps in the Amazon appstore will be updated as soon as they go through Amazon’s review process.

There are some good pictures that show the new tablet user interface over on the Android Market as well this video embedded below. The tablet features start at the 28 second mark.


5 Responses to “Aldiko eBook Reader App Updated for Tablets”

  1. I’ve tried Aldiko on my Android Pandigital Novel ( 7″ White ). I could never get any of the features to work, in fact, to get out of a book, I had to turn the Novel off! So, will this ‘new ‘ version work on it? If it will, I’m willing to buy the thing…What do you think?? Also, why are the ‘large’ ( 9.7″ ) ereaders as expensive as a full-blown tablet?? I just want a large screen to READ on, not watch movies, or use GPS, or play games…Can you advise me on that??

    • You don’t have to buy Aldiko. Just try the free version and see if it works. The white Novel is one of the worst tablets ever so it’s not surprising it doesn’t work right.

      Large ereaders are expensive, nothing I can do for you on that front.

  2. Works on my Novel Black.

  3. Hi Nathan, Thanks for the response. I’m a bit surprised you think the white novel is the worst, I love mine now that it’s been rooted. In fact, it’s so much better, that my wife had me root hers!!
    I’vew tried several versions of Aldiko, and none seem to work well ( if at all..) on the white novel. On the other hand, the B&N reader is excellent, and the FB reader is also pretty good, although it has some issues with exiting.
    It’s just a shame about large screen ereaders. Doesn’t seem much point to buy one, when for the same price point ( or very little more ) you can buy a full-pledged Android 10″ tablet. I was just curious if you had any idea why the disparity, since ereaders don’t “require” color, and the electronics would seem to be much less demanding of resources.
    At any rate, thanks again for the response!!

    • The Novel was pretty horrible when I reviewed it but that was with the stock software before they opened it up. At least rooted you’ve got a lot more options. It’s light years better than the black Novel that ran Android 1.5.

      Large ereaders just don’t have a big enough market right now to be sustainable. Digital textbooks and E Ink just don’t combine well enough to be mainstream; tablets aren’t there yet either so that’s not surprising.

      6-inch ereaders would still all cost over $150 or maybe more if not for the revenue the companies make back through ebook sales. Right now the 9.7″ PocketBook 902 is $284 on Amazon. I don’t think that’s too bad, really, especially when the Kindle DX is $379. Of course you can get a refurbished 10″ Acer Iconia for $250, which proves your point, but the functionality and specs of the two device are so different it’s hard to compare them directly.