First Look at Flex Lighting Film Illuminating E Ink Screen in the Dark (Video)

Flex Light eReader Light

Last month I posted an article about how a company called Flex Lighting is working to bring light to ebook readers by incorporating a thin LED light film on top of ereader displays.

Today I’m happy to say I can give you an exclusive first look at Flex Lighting in action on an E Ink screen. The folks at Flex Lighting sent over a video demonstration and were nice enough to give permission for me to upload the video to YouTube so that I can show you too. Take a look…

I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed. One of the main drawbacks with E Ink ebook readers like the Kindle is that you have to use a reading light or lamp to be able to read at night or in low light because E Ink screens don’t emit light themselves.

LCD screens like that on the Kindle Fire are one alternative, but LCD screens aren’t nearly as energy efficient as E Ink screens and are harder on the eyes. And the backlight can’t be turned off.

The Flex Lighting film, on the other hand, is much more energy efficient because it is very thin and uses just one LED. Plus you can turn it on and off when needed, and it doesn’t affect the clarity of the text or hamper touchscreens. I also thought to ask if it has a brightness adjuster, and it does.

As cool as this is for monochrome E Ink ebook readers like the Kindles and Nook, it could be even cooler on something like the JetBook Color that uses a color E Ink screen.

P.S. If you haven’t read the Flex Lighting article from last month, I would suggest doing so. There’s more information in the fact sheet about how the light film works and I don’t want to repeat all of it again here.

6 Responses to “First Look at Flex Lighting Film Illuminating E Ink Screen in the Dark (Video)”

  1. Can you put this on any e-reader or does it have to be integrated into e-reader in factory. So can i put this LED film on my Nook Touch.

  2. How exciting! I prefer e-ink to LCD screens much more for “power reading,” and I love my Nook Touch. It won’t be long before flex-lighting and color e-ink will be in the store, and I can’t wait.

  3. This is very nice indeed. Any hint about battery autonomy with this LED enabled?

  4. so when will this be avail on an actual Kindle Touch or equivalent device??

    If Amazon offered I would buy it right now!!

    My wife was really excited to get this for our daughter for Xmas but when she found out you can’t read in the dark / night she quickly got depressed.

    They both like to read at night or in the car and thought the device supported this functionality.