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Nook Touch

New Nook Touch to Have LED Flex Lighting for Night Reading?

Last week an anonymous person left a comment on this blog saying that Barnes and Noble will be releasing a new Nook Touch soon and that it will use Flex Lighting. Thinking on it, given the timing and the circumstances, I would say the chances of Barnes and Noble releasing a new Nook Touch with […]

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Flex Light eReader Light

First Look at Flex Lighting Film Illuminating E Ink Screen in the Dark (Video)

Last month I posted an article about how a company called Flex Lighting is working to bring light to ebook readers by incorporating a thin LED light film on top of ereader displays. Today I’m happy to say I can give you an exclusive first look at Flex Lighting in action on an E Ink […]

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Flex Lighting

New Flexible LED Light Film Brings Light to eReaders

A reader tipped me a few weeks back about this Flex Lighting website that advertises a new type of lighting technology designed for ebook readers with reflective displays such as E Ink. One of the shortfalls of E Ink ebook readers like the Kindle and Nook is that they can’t be used at night or […]

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