Kobo Updates Kobo Touch, Kobo Vox, and Desktop Software

Kobo Vox and Kobo Touch

It’s been a busy week of updates for Kobo. They issued firmware updates for the Kobo Vox, Kobo Touch, and their desktop software too.

Kobo is one of those companies that continues to build on their products after release. This is at least the 6th update for the Kobo Touch, with each one adding some shiny new features, and about the third update for the Kobo Vox.

First, let’s go over the Kobo Vox update. Mine updated automatically but if for some reason yours doesn’t go to Settings, then About Kobo eReader, and hit System Update.

Here’s the improvements with the Kobo Vox update:

  • Resolved issue with battery level not reporting the correct charge.
  • Resolved issue with some customers losing their WiFi connectivity.
  • Improved video streaming.
  • Improved the stability of device resuming from Standby mode.
  • Plus various bug fixes.

Here’s the new features added to the Vox after the update:

Improved reading menu: New reading menu will allow you to easily access and customizes your reading preferences; brightness, font size, page styling and many more.

Dictionary: With the new dictionary feature you will be able to look up a word or a phrase right from the eBook.

New Page themes: Read your eBooks in the soft sepia colour tone that mimics a vintage-style book.

New Fonts: Times New Roman font style is now available.

New Shelf Backgrounds: Now your Kobo book shelf can be just as stylish as your Kobo Vox, with many sleek styles to choose from.

Direct Search: Browse the Kobo Bookstore directly from the Android Search widget.

Kobo Store Home Button: Kobo Store Home Button is now easier to find.

Powering on your Kobo Vox: To power on the Kobo Vox, press the button for 2.5s, or until the LED lights up, before the Kobo Vox can be powered on. This enhancement will reduce customers accidentally powering on the Kobo Vox.

According to the folks at MobileRead, Netflix now works on the Kobo Vox after the update. Not all versions will work, however. You need the newer release. Here’s a link for the Netflix apk file that works on the Kobo Vox (via).

The Kobo Touch update, version 1.9.16, adds a new homescreen with a section for recommended reading at the bottom and some new icons and settings from the menu. The update also improves page turn speed and search, plus adds crisper and sharper text.

Here’s the full list of changes for the Kobo Touch:

  • Speed improvements to page turning and searching
  • Crisper, sharper text for your reading experience
  • The new ‘Recommended for you’ list automatically finds books tailored to your tastes
  • A simple consolidated HOME menu now contains Library, Store and Reading Life
  • Icons for Settings, Sync and Help are now also available under the HOME menu
  • Sync anytime, anywhere by touching the cloud icon in the status bar
  • Sync progress is now shown as a progress bar at the top of the screen

To update your Kobo Touch, just turn it on and make sure Wi-Fi is connected. Tap the sync button and it will download and install the update.

Lastly, the Kobo desktop software was updated with some minor improvements and a new recommended reading panel. The desktop software update can be downloaded from Kobo.

5 Responses to “Kobo Updates Kobo Touch, Kobo Vox, and Desktop Software”

  1. I firmly believe that Kobo is better than Nook(unrooted).

  2. This update is horrible! My touch hardly responds to anything now. It won’t load to the store or my library at all, and its very slow loading to other screens as well.

  3. I actually think that if the Kobo Touch had the speed and responsiveness of the Nook Touch it would be the perfect e-reader available. I love the fonts and screen contrast (much better than the NST) and dictionary + translation features. However, in the three days I’ve had it, it’s definitely buggier and slower than the NST which remains comfortably more stable than the Kobo. I wish another update comes soon!

  4. Hope you can help me

    how to add new fonts a my brand new KoboVox in wich file?

    Thank you very much

    • I’ve not come across a way to change fonts on the Kobo Vox, except for using a different app such as Aldiko that allows for alternate font types.