CM7 SD Cards Now Available for Nook Tablet, Here’s How to Make One

Nook Tablet CM7

Good news for Nook Tablet owners. You can now run CyanogenMod 7 for a custom, open version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread off a memory card on both an 8GB and 16GB Nook Tablet right out of the box, no rooting or hacking required.

CM7 improves the Nook Tablet’s functionality quite a lot. It offers more customization and even comes with full access to Google’s Android appstore. And since it runs entirely off the memory card, it doesn’t modify the Nook in any way so it doesn’t void the warranty. You just take out the memory card to run the Nook Tablet’s regular operating system like normal. It’s like having two tablets in one.

All that is required to make a CM7 ROM for the Nook Tablet is a 4GB or larger microSD card, the free CM7 download that the developers at XDA have graciously put together, free disk-imaging software, and a computer to create the CM7 sd card.

If you want to take a look at CyanogenMod 7 before trying it, I posted a review and video of CM7 running on the Nook Tablet’s internal memory a couple of weeks ago. This final build is even better, with more features and bug fixes, including full hardware decoding and graphic acceleration.

Earlier in the week I gave you a first look at CM9 for Android 4.0 on the Nook Tablet. That build isn’t quite as far along as CM7 so there isn’t a memory card option for it yet. Stay tuned for a CM9 sd card ROM in the near future.

Creating a CM7 memory card for the Nook Tablet is a piece of cake. Here’s how to do it:

How to Make a CM7 Card for the Nook Tablet

Note: You can increase the amount of space available for storage according to the size of your memory card by watching this video in the comments section below. Also, read a couple comments below that for an alternate method.

1. First, you are going to need a 4GB or larger microSD card. I’ve always had good luck with SanDisk cards for ROMs, but any brand should work.

2. Download the latest sd card version of CM7 and extract it onto your computer. Inside you’ll find the Team-B-CM7SD-Alpha_final.img file.

3. Write (not copy) the CM7 image file onto the microSD card. You’ll need a microSD card reader if your computer isn’t equipped with one and software that can write an image to a disk. With Windows, you can use WinImage. It has a free trial (which never seems to expire for some reason). Apparently Mac and Linux user can use dd command for this.

With WinImage, right-click and open it as administrator. Select Disk, then “restore virtual hard disk image on physical drive”. Select your microSD card from the list and hit OK. Select the image file (Team-B-CM7SD-Alpha_final.img) that you downloaded and extracted on your computer (I had to select “all files” in the drop-down to get it to show up). Hit “Yes” and then it will proceed to write the image to the memory card.

4. Power off your Nook Tablet and then put your new CM7-equipped microSD card in your Nook. Power it on and it will run CyanogenMod 7 off the memory card. You’ll then need to setup Wi-Fi before you can sign in with a Google account to access the Android Market, which will update to the Play Store right after you sign in.

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  1. Hey; followed your steps, worked great. One question before I start searching; I used a 16gb card with the hopes that I can dump video, etc onto it but the image create the mounts and stuff but left a 11gb unallocated. Anyway of using that extra storage?

    • its very simple, find a diskmanager software, EASEUS Partition Manager will work. Basically it will expand your uSD Card partition into its full size by the resize partition feature. Hope this will help you.

  2. Do you know if there such an option for the nook Simple Touch? Thanks

    • Nope. There’s nothing like this for the Nook Touch unfortunately.

      I’m not a developer so I’m not sure about the memory card partitioning. Hit XDA for all the info on that. I tested a card to make sure it worked but I’ve since erased it because I favor internal installs now that I’m familiar with the process. I don’t like tying up all my spare memory cards.

  3. i cant for the life of me figure a way to use/repartition my 32gb sandisk, im only allowed the cm7-sd size of 4-gb, wich leaves me with 1.7 usable space. i dove through the nets searching for a way to fix this with no luck. it used to be that you would just format the sd card for full space, but that trick dont work now, . any tips/help?

  4. I made myself a 16gb Nook CM7 SD card. So far all programs work great except for Skype. It installs ok, and knows my account, but when I try to Skype a landline or cell phone, it rings a few times and then hangs up. Any ideas? Thanks.

  5. Thanks; might go the internal route too. The SD card route works really well, just not enough space until I can figure it out. Do you have soup to nuts directions on going internal route? That’d be great, thanks!

  6. A little FYI for people who may have some problems..I created an SD card following the above steps and I could not get the nook to boot to CM7,would reconnize the SD card and display the files on it,I thought I had maybe made an error so I tried to do the steps again, at about 13% I got several errors,like missing files and can’t find disk,I tried several times. I then formated the card and decided to use the write to the SD card instead restore virtual hard disk.. and it seemed to work as I booted to CM7. I haven’t logged on yet as I don’t have a wi-fi on my work computer,I’ll do it at home later. This was done on W7 pro using WinImage 8.5.

  7. I can not get this to work,my nook will see the SD card but will not boot to it. I have tried two different 8gb cards,both san disc,both new, purchased from different places. I have used two different computers, with different OS, Win7 pro and XP,used two different imaging software, diskimager using the link from XDA, and winimage using the link here.I have formated the disc on the nook and then added the image, I have formated on the computer,both of them,and then added the image,I have extracted the zip using different programmes and nothing makes any difference.The nook can read the SD card and shows the files but won’t boot. Any ideas?

  8. You don’t “format the card then add the image” – by “add the image” you mean you’re COPYING it to the card? You need to use a special program which “writes” the image to the card, not copy it as a file onto the card. If it’s not working and you’re using the right software to write the image to the card, then maybe try downloading it again?

  9. I started by just putting a new card into the card reader on my computer,using wimimage to write the img file to the card,I used “added” because I was lazy in writing the comment above.I the tried formatting because it didn’t work first time through. I left a comment about this problem over at xda and it seems that it’s a known issue,on some Nook tablets the only way you can boot off the SD card is to have the unit plugged in to the wall charger. I did that last night and everything worked fine.I did a setup and got wifi , android market etc setup.I turned of the nook and restarted it unplugged, it booted to the stock OS, turned it off , plugged in the charger and it booted to CM7. At xda it is thought that this problem is caused by less then A+ hardware components.

    • Bill,

      I know this is an old post, but I am having the same problem with my Nook Tablet. Can you link to the thread at xda? I am trying to root, but can get the Tablet to boot from the SD Card (also an 8gb SanDisk mini-SDCard)
      Thanks in advance…

  10. This was the first time I’ve rooted anything, unless you can call installing Ubuntu to have a dual-boot PC “rooting”.
    Once I realized that I was mis-typing my WiFi password (Doh!) and got that sussed out, everything worked perfectly!
    I now have an 8G Nook Tablet, and a sweet sweet tablet running Cyanmod 7! (I love my iPhone, but I’m really enjoying playing in the Android Universe. Exciting!!)
    What I’d like to do next is this exact same thing, only swapping out this small SD card with the larger 32G SD card I’d been using as extra storage for my 8G Nook before I SD Rooted it. Now I want to root it, *and* have all of my extra stuff.
    Are there any tutorials for swapping out that smaller boot SD for a larger one? Or do I just do what I did before: Power off the Nook, remove the old card, turn the Nook back on and let it boot off of the larger card?

  11. Followed every instruction to the letter, downloading the disk img and using the Mac Terminal to write the img file to my SanDisk 32gb microSD. However, even after Terminal shows success (displaying output of data written after so much time, etc.), my Nook will not boot with cm7 upon poweri g on. It will simply boot the same old way, and then tell me that the sd card is not recognized and needs to be formatted. I even re-wrote the cm7 img to the card after re-formatting from the nook, as my MacBook won’t even recognize it until I do. Either what am I doing wrong, or do I not have everything I need to do this right? I’m really excited to get this thing workimg, so thanks for any help!

  12. I guess I ahould also mention that I’m using a 16gb Nook Tablet with only 1 gb internal memory available for personal use. Also, the sd card I had had the image successfully written through Terminal by way of usb, although I doubt that had a huge effect.

  13. When I followed the instructions, but this time using a 32G SanDisk micro, my Nook wouldn’t boot to CM7. It just kept booting to the Nook.
    When I did it to the 16G I had no problem.
    Is the SD card too big?

  14. Hi, will this only work with Nook Tablet? How about Nook Color?

  15. To all asking how to expand the small partition, use GParted. Download the iso for the GParted CD and boot a Windows box off of the CD. Insert your SD card and search for new devices. Select the SD and you will see that there are 4 partitions. You want to expand the 4th partition. This does not delete any existing data.

    • after doing these steps carefully..
      how can i access this partition that we just expanded ? windows still reads it as 190 MB only

  16. I am getting ready to try this, but I have a few questions before I do it. I watched your video on this, but You didn’t mention if the SD Card version of CM7 supports HD video. You did mention it for the Internal version and that it was choppy and that it was not supported on netflix. Does The SD Card version support HD Video and HD Netflix and is the video quality good? Thanks for all the great info.

  17. OK, got as far as the WinImage Restore virtual hard disc image on physical drive. Then nothing shows up where the list should be for me to select. My Micro sd card is in place.
    Will anything on the micro disc be wiped out? I have videos and music on it. It is a 32gb micro sd card. I have about 8gb used. about 24gb of free space on it.
    Obviously I have done something wrong. Suggestions anyone?

    • I think it supports HD video now, but not HD Netflix. Netflix has that on lockdown so you have to use the regular Nook for that.

      The memory card needs to be blank because the image writes over it.

  18. Thanks for that Nathan. Now, will the sd card still be useful for adding content to it, or is it to be used only for the CM7 content? In other words will the entire 32gb be unavailable for replacing my movies, music, documents etc… after the CM7 has been written to it?

  19. Successfully installed CM7. My Nook Tablet is now converted. Now that I have ventured into this new CM7 world. I have new questions.
    The Used space on the 32GB Micro SD Card reads 3.47 MB. Yet, the available space reads 186 MB. What happened to all 32GB space on that Card. My Nook Tablet is a 16GB but now it only has 1.GB available. What happened did I do something wrong?

    • I forgot. I think you’ve got to do something to partition the memory. See Rick’s comment above. That’s why N2A cards are easier because you don’t have to deal with all this BS.

  20. I saw ricks post I downloaded the GParted LIve I even downloaded your SD Formatter, but Ricks post doesn’t go into detail of what to do once there. The message I get is that ALL data on the Micro SD Card will be lost, that means CM7 as well. I used San Disk as suggested by your videos.
    I took out the SD Card from my Nook to operate it with out the CM7, and found that all my 16GB of space is gone. From 16GB to a capacity of only 180MB. I can’t even drop a movie into my tablet, maybe only four MP3’s before it stops me saying I have reached the max space.
    How do I undo all this. Could you please post steps to undo as well, including how to fix the sd card.
    Please help I use this device to study for my classes with library e-books, of which I cannot find anymore.

    • I don’t know how to explain it any other way than I’ve written it above, and I’ve never used GParted so I can’t give advice there. I use the internal install and an N2A card so my knowledge of this version extends only to what is written above. You’re going to have to go to XDA and do some research.

  21. I created bootable CM7 sd card with no problem. I have used it for about a month without any problems. But since yesterday it will not pickup any wifi networks. It just says network not in range for the ones I use all the time & does not see any new ones(even open non WEP or WPA). I’ve tried several locations(just in case the problem was my wireless router) but it is not seeing the networks. If I take out the CM7 card & boot in standard nook & all of the networks show up. This was working before. I have not changed anything(to my knowlege) though my 3 yr old does play angry birds so in theory maybe he could have accidentally done something, but, I’m lost as to how to fix the problem. Any suggestions?

  22. Nathan, I finally got the CM7 working on my Nook Tablet. It is great to have full android especially winamp player the sound is thunderously better, but I would really like to get a hold of the hidden space on the 32GB card that is held up. This question can be either for you or any of the others on this post who would know or if you can point me to the answer, I looked all over XDA did not find any.
    Since I did not partition the micro sd card before writing the CM7 image onto it, will I still be able to expand the hidden space? If not, then the proper order of Operations should be:
    1. Partition new micro sd card.
    2. Write CM7 onto partitioned sd card.
    3. Expand fourth partition.
    Should I start all over again with a new ‘Partitioned’ Micro SD Card? Or will I still get to expand my un-partitioned card?
    The N2A cards (Nook To Android cards) at Amazon are convenient but too pricey, $80.00 for 32GB. I have come all this way at no cost to stop now. I am only one step away from maximum operation.

    • I hope someone answers this because I would like to know the answer too. It annoys me no end that CM7 was setup that way. Like anyone is going get by with that little amount of memory. The CM7 cards for the Nook Color did all that automatically depending on what size card you use.

      I take it you don’t want to do the internal install? You would lose the Nook os but you could use memory cards like normal.

  23. Internal Root is no option for me at this time. My Tablet is just a month old, I don’t want to wipe out the warranty since I paid for extended service. I didn’t find out about the rooting and sd card stuff until after I bought it. I do like this android ability it rules hands down over the Stock OS. It is also my first tablet first time using android period, so the more I play around with this technology the more clear and easy it gets. I do not own a cell phone either, so as you can see I am quite new to this. I’ve never heard of partitioning or expanding sd cards until owning this Nook Tablet now one month old. I do find it interesting and want to know all about this sd card set up. It seems to be a popular thing now with owners of android devices.
    I do hope someone answers the question I posted. I have a feeling the order of operations I posted may be the correct order. I agree 1gb of personal storage is quite laughable. The partition and expansion of the Nook Tablet CM7 micro sd card is undoubtedly mandatory for the ultimate experience.

  24. Anybody figure this out? Got it to boot w/ no problem from microcard. Runs fine. Would love to get the extra memory now from the SC card …

  25. I found this on another thread and hope it will help expand the partition. As Rick stated previously, you need to use Gparted and expand the 4th partition. There is a link to a video below that shows us how to do that. Good luck everyone!!

    For those individual that want to repartition their SD card to use the unallocated space but don’t have Linux installed, you can get gparted as a Live CD from the following website.

    Once you’ve downloaded it, burn the .iso to CD and boot the PC from your CD-ROM and partition away. Please PLEASE PLEASE be careful to select your SD card and not one of your hard drives when performing the operation. You might want to watch the video tutorial found below.

    Credit for the video goes to albertcwertz

  26. I’m so sorry about the link for video above.

    Here is the link again:

    If that doesn’t work, do search on Youtube for:

    Title of Video: CM7 SD ROM, Turn anyone’s Nook Tablet into yours without Root

    Youtube user: albertcwertz

  27. Thank you Nathan!!

    I tried using Gparted, but I seem to have trouble with it so I went ahead and used MiniTool Partition Wizard instead. It was alot easier for me to use, and now I’m in a happy world with my Nook Tablet =)

    (Note: Your CM7 should already be downloaded into your SD card before you do the partitioning.)

    Download MiniTool Partition Wizard (free home version) here:

    Once you download Minitool Partition:

    1 – Make sure your sd card is in its adapter or reader and plugged into your computer if you haven’t already done so.

    2 – Launch MiniTool Partition.

    3 – Look for the drive that has your reader/adapter. Mine is on Disk 2 with path E:

    4 – Click (once) on the 4th partition which should have FAT32 and the used and unused space is in GB and not MB. The “Unallocated” partition should be below that partition or else you won’t be able to expand it.

    5 – Click on “Move/Resize” button at the top toolbar or on the left side.

    6 – In the “Size and Location” box, you want to extend the right arrow all the way to the end of the box. Make sure you put your mouse right on that arrow or you won’t be able to drag it. You want to expand that box and not just move it. You can tell your expanding it because the blue bar expands too. After you’re done, “Unallocate space after” should read 0.0

    7 – Click “OK”

    8 – Click “Apply” on the top toolbar (far left icon). An “Apply Changes?” box pops up. Click “Yes”

    9 – “Apply Pending Operations” box pops up. When it tells you it’s all done, you can safely remove your SD card and put it in your Nook. Power up your Nook and follow the Setup instructions and you should be good to go. Make sure you have a google account and wifi access.

    Hope this was detailed enough =)

    • Verified this works, thanks Daisy!

    • i did all those steps till the very end

      The Question is : how can i access this partition that we just expanded ? i mean how can i put stuff on it from my PC windows still reads it as 190 MB only

      Thanks in Advance

  28. I have made the SD card and expanded the last partition for more memory. It boots up fine, but I can not get the apps store. It wants my phone and advises there is no phone attached to this. How do I get to the apps market?

  29. For those having to plug into power in order to boot cm7 from sd card.
    Hold down n button on front of nook then at same time hold power button it should then boot to cm7 without plugging in. I am using 8gb nook tablet.

  30. Nathan, is the entire internal 16gb available for personal use once we use cm7 via sd card? Or is another method to neccessary to access the internal 16gb?

  31. Is it possible to run cm7 from sd and still partition the tablet or rooting is necessary?

  32. No matter how i try it will not get the nook tablet to boot from the SD. I really need your help it was actually this blog that encouraged me to buy a this tablet.

    • Some Nooks have to be plugged in with the USB to book from the SD card. Also see Keith’s comment above.

    • Did you ever figure out how to get it to boot from SD card? I am having the same issue and I tried Keith’s method not to mention changing the make of my SD card. This is so frustrating!!!!

  33. Hi,

    Installed the card, but having an issue with the wireless…I have 2 different networks, they keep trying to authenticate, but then says “disconnected”. I haven’t successfully connected to the Internet…what am I doing wrong?

    • Have you tried un-plugging and re-plugging the router? Always works for me…

      Sam, sorry but I haven’t experienced the problem so I’m not exactly a source for the solution…

  34. Thanks Nathan, I tried Keiths way and was able to have it start once but then ever time i tried get the Factory reset. It boots fine when connected USB powered. Really need your help or direction to a solution if any

  35. For those being unable to boot from the SD card, verify that you’ve extracted the .IMG file from the CM7 .zip file. The writing tools (WinImage and Win32diskimager) will both happily write the .zip file without telling you that you’re Doin’ It Wrong. 🙂

  36. Needed to clean off an SD card.
    Do I format the mini SD card as FAT32 with default allocation size using a long(not-Quick) format?

  37. After I created the CM7 card I put into NT 8gb slot & boot up by pluggin in. I can see the “Team-B” screen but everything when black after that. Any solution?

  38. @Daisy,

    Thanks for the tip and instructions on Minitool, I will try that tonight. I want my gb’s back! 🙂

  39. @daisy,

    I just used Minitool with your instructions and it was easy and worked great!

    Thank you.

  40. I have tried to download the CM7 version for SD card from the page listed in the instructions and get a broken link. Have they taken it down or is it my error?

  41. Jared Jeffers May 31, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    Keith, on May 2nd, 2012 at 7:03 pm Said:
    For those having to plug into power in order to boot cm7 from sd card. Hold down n button on front of nook then at same time hold power button it should then boot to cm7 without plugging in. I am using 8gb nook tablet.
    Whenever I try that, I get the factory reset menu. What am I doing wrong?

  42. For those having to use USB cord to boot into CM7 try this. Always make sure your tablet is powered on with CM7 running whenever you disconnect the cord. If I do this with my tablet I can then shut it down and power it up all day long (without using USB cord) and it always boots into CM7. Seems weird but it works for me.

  43. My husband made one for our nook tablet and “bricked” it according to the nook people. It happened twice and I had to take it back to the store because it was completely useless. The tech at b&n said that content off a sd card isn’t readily recognized/accepted by the nook and so it locks it up. Sucks

  44. I’ve clicked the link that was provided here to download the Cyanogen Mod 7 Image, it leads to the Cyanogen Mod website, where they provide ANOTHER link to download the Cyanogen Mod 7 for Nook Tablet Image. This new link is DEAD. It won’t work. I sure would like to try to use this Dual Boot Cyanogen Mod 7 Image. but, I’m stuck at the outset. Can anyone help? Thanks~

    • The CM7 download link works again. I had the zip on my computer and uploaded it to my Dropbox account. Nuts to relying on other people. All these download links are getting hosted on my Dropbox account from now on.

  45. Im going to do this but I have 2 questions… are there any Cons of doing this? And where it says write in(not copy) what does tht mean?

  46. Karen Spindler June 22, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    For some reason the “move/resize” button is grayed out so there appears to be no way to modify my 8gig unallocated space of 3.8 gig. I am trying to use the Minitool Partition wizard and I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Any thoughts, many thanks.

  47. Nvmd my last question. Im on WinImage and when I select the “Restore…..” button it says to click on, it dusnt dhow my drive… Any ideas?

  48. Hey I have the same problem will not boot without power cord in and holding N button down did not do the trick for me
    (16gB Tablet) drat I reformatted my SD card because I didn’t realize this was why I could reboot after I re partitioned 🙁

  49. I followed the instructions on partitioning using the MiniTool Wizard, and it partially works. I resized the Fat32 4th partition and initially it worked with CM7 booting correctly and I even put in Mp3 movies on the SD card to watch. (I highly recommend Jennifer’s Body with Meghan Fox) but when I removed the card perhaps without safely unmounting, the CM7 no longer booted and it only booted to Nook. I redid the steps and now the CM7 green droid appears at startup but will flash agian to regular nook. On the third try again booted properly and went beyong CM7 startup only for it to crash moments later and reboot using only nook. And it appears that the partions are no longer recognized either. I reformatted the card on each attempt. Any suggestions what may be wrong?

  50. Nook tablet here… Installed the mod on a 64gb card with no problems but also had the size issue with missing the 55gb extra space unallocated..used the minitool partition program and allocated the rest of the space… I took all of 10 minutes start to finish… replaced and rebooted and tested.. everything works fantastic.. I really appreciate the help… I am ecstatic now.. Tons of room.. everything works perfectly… now just waiting for the ICS mod to be released when completed…

  51. 8GB Nook Tablet, trying to run WinImage on a 4GB SanDisk SD card. Everything appears to run fine but when I get to 99% on the write, I get the following error: “Error in writing disk Disk 6, Error 23: Data Error (cyclic redundancy check). I’ve tried on 3 different computers now using two different card readers and I’m getting the same thing every time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  52. So I followed the directions for getting the empty space back using the mini partition tool, but windows only see the the first partition. How do I add stuff to the other partition.

  53. For those having problems booting from the SD without plugging it in, try holding the power button down for several seconds, until the ‘n’ pops up and the screen will flash, followed by ‘Team-B Presents…’ See if that doesn’t work.

  54. Followed the instructions and everything worked great! Thanks a lot 🙂

  55. Followed all the directions for creating the bootable SD card and it worked perfectly the first time! TYVM! At first couldn’t get MiniTool to change the partition size (kept saying there might be something wrong with the file system and to check it, but the “check file system” option was greyed-out. grrr!) After a reboot, though, MiniTool very happily resized the 4th partition to allow the remainder of the 32GB SD card, but now I’m getting the same result as Clarence — gonna keep scouring the ‘net to see if there’s a known solution and will post it here.

    Thanks again!!

  56. I did this today, only issue is that everytime i let it go to sleep it will boot right back to the nook os….any reason why this might be happening?

  57. I solved my problem. In order to put stuff on the new partition you have to be loaded into CM7 and you have to turn on USB storage.

  58. not booting into cm7 cyanogen without plugging in. pressing n button didnt work. any suggestions

  59. I tried this with dd in terminal on my Mac. I can’t get the nook to boot to CM7 and now my computer won’t read the card at all. Any ideas?

  60. I have tried all methods posted here to try and get my nook to boot from SD card with no luck. I even changed the size and manufacture of the SD card. Any advice would be so appreciated.

    • One thing I would recommend trying is booting your device up while it’s plugged in. Some Nooks only boot off of the SD when they are plugged in. Hope this helps.

  61. I am having so much trouble preparing my SD cards to use my nooks as Androids.(yes i have a tablet and a color) I was wondering if you know a website where I can buy these cards already done where all I have to do is stick it in my Nooks and go!

  62. Nathan, is it possible to enable Bluetooth to run from the bootable SD card? I’ve read it can be done on a rooted Nook tablet, but I’d it would be great if it could be enabled from the boot card CM7 load.

  63. Hey nathan,
    So I got CM7 to boot off my sd card and everything works fine 🙂 but here’s my question. My nook tablet is jacked up internally. CM7 crashed on me internally and now it only boots into CWM. Is there a way to repair it internally off the CM7 SD card?

    • I wouldn’t think so but then again I don’t work with Android so wouldn’t really know. If it boots into CWM you should be able to do something to fix it, I would think.

  64. when I try to load the program on the micro sd card, I get and error message. I am using a sandisk 16gb disk. It will load 97 to 99% and then give me the message. I tried three cards and reloading winimage and re-downloading the image. Any ideas.

  65. Any new updates on this? Wanting to update my tablet to latest version.