Kindle for Android Updated, Gets Personal Document and KF8 Support

Kindle for Android

Yesterday Amazon issued a firmware update for their Kindle for Android app that adds some nifty new features.

The Kindle for Android app now supports Amazon’s Kindle Format 8, which adds a bunch of content in the form of comic books and graphic novels—like Superman and Batman—as well as illustrated children’s books, such as Curious George and Brown Bear.

A lot of the titles that have been exclusive to the Kindle Fire should now work on the Android app.

The other new feature is a big one. You can now email personal documents and ebooks to the Kindle for Android app just like you can with Kindle devices and the Kindle for iPad app, or use the free send-to-Kindle program for Windows to send files.

These documents get archived in Amazon’s cloud so they can be downloaded to other devices at any time. Even better, notes and highlights and bookmarks get synced between devices just like Kindle ebooks.

You can send a number of formats to the Kindle app, and it’s free: DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, PDF, MOBI, and PRC. The latter two are common ebook formats, and as long as they are DRM-free you can send them to the Kindle app and they will work just like any other Kindle ebook.

Using the send-to-Kindle program is the easiest way to send personal documents and ebooks. Otherwise you’ll need to send them to the free email address that Amazon provides with the app. It can found and modified under the Personal Document Settings at Amazon.

The Kindle for Android app can be downloaded for free from the Amazon appstore and from Google Play.

2 Responses to “Kindle for Android Updated, Gets Personal Document and KF8 Support”

  1. I’m looking forward to an update to the Fire, so it will be able to sync with the other devices. Hopefully soon!!

  2. Thanks for the news, Nathan. Ahhh, I wonder if this version works on a rooted NST.