New Sony Reader PRS-T2 Coming Soon, What New Features Will it Have?

Sony Reader PRS-T2

Every year around August to November Sony releases a new ebook reader, and like clockwork, it looks like Sony is already preparing to release a successor to the Sony Reader PRS-T1 from last year.

The Sony PRS-T2 showed up on the FCC website this week. The big question, though, is what new features does it have?

Unfortunately the FCC paperwork is mostly technical blah blah blahery that reveals little information. The Sony PRS-T2 is described as a digital book reader with Wi-Fi. That’s about it.

The good news is that Sony is definitely going to reveal a new ebook reader sometime in the near future. But we are left guessing what features it will have.

The Sony PRS-T1 is already pretty stacked with features as far as ebook readers are concerned. It has a 6-inch E Ink Pearl display with a 800 x 600 resolution. It has an infrared touchscreen that supports multi-touch, a built-in audio player, headphone jack, 2GB of memory, and a microSD card slot.

Some advanced features include adding freehand notes on-screen, borrowing library ebooks directly, pinch-zooming, it has a competent web browser for E Ink, and it runs Android and can be hacked to run all kinds of applications.

Given the one and only picture that shows the PRS-T2 from the back, it looks a lot like the PRS-T1, so we can rule out a large screen ebook reader or any major changes.

About the only thing they could do at this point in time is improve the screen by using one of the higher resolution 1024 x 768 displays, or add some LED reading lights like the Nook Touch with Glowlight, or maybe even go for Color, but that last one isn’t very likely.

Hopefully they will get rid of the glossy plastic frames. The older Sony Readers had nicer aluminum frames, but they went to plastic with the PRS-T1 to cut the price down to Amazon’s level. Plastic is fine if well done; just don’t make it glossy, Sony.

What new features do you think the new Sony Reader PRS-T2 will have?


20 Responses to “New Sony Reader PRS-T2 Coming Soon, What New Features Will it Have?”

  1. How about tapping on an image an having it enlarge to fit the screen?

  2. A matte frame would be great, I skipped on some great offers on the T1 recently because I couldn’t stand the reflections in the frame. Other than that, a higher density screen would be nice indeed.

  3. A lower list price.
    Maybe a front light.
    The rest? Mostly software tweaks. At least some epub support.
    Would be nice if it shipped unlocked with more room for Android apps but I wouldn’t count on it.

  4. I will reiterate my plea for the third of fourth time on this blog…the ultimate new release would be the Sony PRS-T2 HD!!!! 🙂

    They could use a high-resolution, 768 x 1024 HD screen, bring back the aluminum case, and charge $130.

  5. Robert Bitzer July 4, 2012 at 8:53 am

    As much as I love my Samsung GT 7.7, I still use my PRS-650 for reading in bright light. It just feels perfect in the hand and really works well. I guess if it ever dies I’ll have to begrudgingly look for something else. Although if they came out with something “backlit” and has a great font selection I’d be tempted.

  6. I would buy one of those, Andrew.

  7. @Anne – An HD E Ink reader would be amazing. Sony could probably get right what the iRiver Story HD got wrong. Even thought the iRiver’s text was sharp and well defined, the screen contrast was clearly lacking when compared to the Kindle 3 (not to mention the iRiver’s horrible OS and design). The HD text wasn’t as bold, and the background made everything look dimmer.

    My Sony PRS-T1 has the “whitest” background I have ever seen on an eReader; if they could combine sharp, high-definition text with a lighter-colored background, they would have a beautiful HD E Ink display. I could definitely see Sony as a company who could do this, but I am afraid the new obsession with “glow” screen technology will get in the way.

  8. I found the PRS-T1 touch screen not as responsive as I would like. I would like improvements for that on the PRS-T2.

  9. A matte-finish frame would be great. To go with it, a matte-finish screen glass. Most e-readers and tablets have a mirror-like reflective screen that can catch sunlight and glare it at you. Sony has the opportunity to trade the plain old glass for a clear hard plastic sheet with a very fine matte finish that would get rid of the mirror-reflections and greatly reduce glare indoors as well as outdoors. Such a plastic can do this and still have the e-ink show all its sharpness and contrast.

  10. 3G, slot for the stylus, and anything to improve the screen. I don’t know if it’s the glossy frame, the smaller screen or too much time in front of other screens, but the 950 is easier on my eyes than the T1. Maybe a lighted screen would be enough.

  11. Not gonna happen, but I would love to see Sony release the first e-ink Android tablet- no hacking required. Yeah, 98% of Android apps won’t run, but who cares since this could be marketed as the ultimate ereader. Load whatever ereader app you want then buy books in any format through wi-fi. Yeah that would be perfect.

  12. Some hardware features could include the following (other e-readers already have some of these features now):

    1. 1024 by 768 screen makes sense since many of the e-books at the OverDrive/Public Library lending indicated they are optimized for 1024 by 768 screens.

    2. Increase flash memory on the reader from 2GB to 4GB.

    Some software features could include the following (other e-readers already have these features now):

    1. Improved foreign language support instead of the rectangular boxes for non-roman characters in books view, table of contents, etc.

    2. A secondary input method for text notes such as SWIPE, predictive text (T9) or single character handwriting recognition.

    3. Native viewing (no conversion required) of Microsoft Office Documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

    4. Merging of highlighting, notes and written annotations into Adobe .pdf documents (.epub does not currently support this capability in its container).

    5. Open up e-reader software platform to application development, let’s call these “book aps” or BAPS. Such applications could include contacts, calendar with appointments, tasks, shopping lists, RSS reader, etc.

  13. A company who forget that the function of this product is to read books and then goes about designed it with a shinny bezel has not brains. In addition, the desktop reader has constant problems. That is the reasons I rejected Sony. In addition, the accessories are expensive. There is no reason to believe that they all of a sudden achieved intelligence.

  14. Yeah, I must say the Sony Reader for Mac is pretty crappy. It wont even sign you in if your computer clock is wrong. I keep mine running a few minutes fast, and anytime I want to sign in to Sony Reader, I have to manually reset the time.

  15. I love,love,love the Sony readers, but I would never use the software. I use Calibre and just buy ebooks from Amazon’s kindle-on-your-pc selection, then import them from the kindle folder and convert them to epub. Takes about 2 minutes from purchase to reader.

  16. Here are some improvements I’d like to see Sony introduce (some of which the T1 feature) over my present reader, a PRS-650:

    — wide choice of fonts and font sizes
    — greater resolution
    — a faster processor
    — a client/Reader interface for Macs that’s actually useable.
    — greater compatibility with more file formats; html and greater PDF control.

  17. I kind of broke my nook. And I want to get a sony prs t1. Do you think it would be wise to wait for the prs t2? How long do you think before Sony announces details?

  18. It dose not support audio! 🙁