OverDrive App Arrives in Nook Appstore for Access to Library eBooks

OverDrive App Nook

If you own a Nook Color, a Nook Tablet, or plan on getting one of the new Nook HD tablets, Barnes and Noble recently added the OverDrive Media Console app to the Nook Appstore to make borrowing ebooks and audiobooks from public libraries a lot easier and more convenient.

Previously if you wanted to get ebooks from your library you had to download everything to a computer and then sideload the files using Adobe Digital Editions and a USB cable—rather inconvenient for a wireless device.

Now with the OverDrive app, the process is more intuitive and simple because you can do everything you need from the app itself, including finding your library and then browsing and downloading ebooks and audiobooks directly to the Nook.

All you have to do is enter your Adobe ID information in the settings menu (you’ll need Adobe Digital Editions if you don’t have an ID setup yet), then find your library (if you don’t have a library card, here’s a tutorial on how to get one), and then enter your library card number when you go to download ebooks or audiobooks, and you’re good to go.

Everything gets saved so it’s easily accessible the next time around, and then your downloaded ebooks and audiobooks will expire automatically after the lending period, typically 7-21 days.

Unfortunately Nook Touch and Nook Glow owners still have to use the old method of sideloading. That is unless you hack the Nook to allow it to install Android apps, in which case the OverDrive app works too.


9 Responses to “OverDrive App Arrives in Nook Appstore for Access to Library eBooks”

  1. A much complained about issue will be resolved with this action. Not supporting OverDrive was a major gripe of Nook owners. But that is just one of many.

    I am anxious to see if the Nook HD+ will be rooted, and if N2A cards will be made available. Only then would that device be appealing to me. If I could run straight Android 4.0 or 4.1 on the HD+, with the SD card and amazing display, it would be the best possible tablet experience.

    I view the Nook modified Andriod OS like a pile of vegetarian tofu and greens (with yucky sauce) slopped on top of a mouth-watering filet mignon steak and potatoes. I think I will wait for the devs to come by my table and scrape all the crap off the top of my plate 😉

  2. I use overdrive on my many Android devices and my iPad. So far I can’t get this to install.

  3. Ok, i went to “manage my nook”, deleted it, and re-installed it. Shoo I’m really glad for it. Have been whining about it for years. (retired library worker here!)

  4. Does it work like Amazon where I can choose the book on my PC from the library website and then it will download to the app? That is one of the things I like a lot about the Kindle Fire. I can browse on my PC anywhere and it will download the library book automatically the next time I connect the KF to wifi.

    This is one of the reasons I stopped using my NC and got a KF to begin with. Glad that B&N changed that misstep, but I only wish they had done it sooner.

  5. Just dl’d it easily, went to my library & borrowed a book in under 2 minutes on my nook tablet only! Still need a library card number & Adobe ID. The app takes control of fonts & other e-reader behavior; however, app settings let me turn pages using the volume keys.

  6. Where do I get the Adobe ID?

  7. The overdrive app in Nook HD+ give one the amount of pages left in that particular chapter, so one can’t tell how many pages are left to read in the entire book. I don’t like that