Moon+ Reader Pro is Free Today Only via AppGratis

Moon+ Reader Pro

There’s a special edition of the popular ereading app for Android called Moon+ Reader Pro that is available for free today only thanks to a promotion over at AppGratis, which gives away free paid apps everyday.

Normally Moon+ Reader Pro sells for $4.99, so this is a good time to get it even if you’re not sure you really want it. It works with Android tablets and phones that run Android 2.2 and up.

Here’s the link for the download from Google Play:

Moon+ Reader (AppGratis)

I highly recommend downloading this app. It’s been a long time since I tested the free version of Moon+ Reader, and I’ve never tried the Pro version before. After thoroughly testing it out this morning I can say that Moon+ Reader Pro is a very nice reading app that is loaded with features and customization options.

It supports ePub, PDF, Mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip, and OPDS formats. The only real nag is that there’s no support for any DRM ebooks; that’s the main reason I never gave Moon+ Reader Pro much of a look before, but that’s not a big deal if you don’t mind removing DRM from ebooks.

I tested some ePubs and Moon+ Reader displays them fantastically. What I like is there are tons of display options. There’s all the typical font adjusting options—size, font type, line spacing, margins—along with advanced features like being able to choose to have spaces between paragraphs or indented paragraphs, you can disable CSS styles, turn on and off hyphenation. There are several themes, and you can customize background color/style and font color.

There’s also a reading time estimator, there are various page turn animation choices, two page landscape mode, it supports text-to-speech, there are notes, highlights, bookmarks, and it can even sync with Dropbox. What I also like is the app overrides a device’s minimum brightness levels to go even lower than usually is possible for comfortable night reading.

If you’re late to read this post and miss out on this free copy of the Pro version, you can always test this free version of Moon+ Reader before buying the full version.

6 Responses to “Moon+ Reader Pro is Free Today Only via AppGratis”

  1. Moon+ Reader Pro offers many choices. Be prepared to spend time setting it up. It is not very intuitive. Enlarging the text alone took some time to figure out. Once set up it is a very good reading app. Thanks for the tip, Nathan.

  2. Moon+ Reader Pro is my default eReading app on Android. The features are extensive, and the UI is fairly easy to figure out.

    Not too long ago, a Russian eReading app developer tried to sabotage Moon+ Reader by filing a bogus piracy complaint against the app, saying that it permitted the downloading of illegal eBooks. But, obviously, so does everything else. By the Russian developer’s logic, all web browsers, including Firefox and Chrome, should be shut down for “enabling piracy.” It was a ridiculously claim and the Russian developer’s apps all have 1 or 2 star reviews thanks to a reddit campaign that was launched against them. After Moon+ Reader was restored to Google Play, the developer made the app free for a couple of weeks to show his thanks. Great app, great developer. Lots of updates and new features. I love it.

    • Andrew, plase, clarify, not “Russian Developer” but “Russian ebook store” – litres , who also has own shopping and reading app. Other independent russian developers also had problems with litres. The main complaint was about preinstalled catalogs (OPDS) to “pirate ebook sites”. Author of MoonReader simply didn’t pay attention to accusing letter with a “strange language”, maybe considered it as a spam.

      Beside, free MoonReader does not available in Ukraine.
      My own choice is a Coolreader, which is fully adopted to Nook Simple Touch and has many other unique features.

      • Litres has a suite of eReading apps including audio and eBooks that they developed, but yes they are a store as well.

        By their logic though, any web browser or OPDS catalog should be removed because of the “potential” of piracy. It was just an attempt on Litres’ part to cut down on competition. Besides, who made them Google Play/Internet police?

        • I do not condone Litres, he has done wrong. But in your message the focus shifted to the “Russian developers”, while Litres is the store, like Amazon, Kobo, B&N, with own app and even own “hard” Book Reader.
          Litres struggling with piracy web sites by all means and often quite ugly.
          I higly recommend you to use “Litres” instead of faceless “Russian developer”. Peoples need to know the real culprit of this event.

  3. ++ I’ve tried just about every e-reader app and Moon+ Reader Pro is the clear favorite. Now, that it syncs you current book and reading position to Dropbox, it’s even better. It still has room for improvement: (it doesn’t remember your brightness levels for Day and Night modes and it doesn’t automatically update to your latest position and book in Dropbox). Well worth $5. I just wish it worked on my Nook SimpleTouch.