Kindle for Android New Font Choices (Video)

Kindle for Android

I haven’t been doing very many video reviews over the past six months, so I thought I’d break the ice with a quick and easy video showing the new font choices now available on the Kindle Android app.

Amazon recently updated the Kindle for Android app to add a few font choices. Kindle devices and the Kindle for iPad and iPhone have had various font choices available for a long time now, so it’s about time Amazon started showing a little love for their Android app.

The Kindle Android app now has the option to change between the following seven fonts:

Droid Serif

Those are the same font choices that Amazon offers on their Kindle Fire tablets, with a couple of exceptions. The Kindle Fire HDX doesn’t have the option of using Droid Serif, but it has an extra choice called Helvetica-Light. Surprisingly the Android app now offers a couple of more choices than the iPad app, which lacks Lucida and of course Droid Serif.

It’s good to see the Kindle Android app getting new font choices, but the app still lacks a lot of features found on the Kindle Fire tablets. Here’s a list comparing the different reading features on the Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle Android app.

Kindle for Android New Font Choices

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